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  • Platforms: Android 2.3.2 or later iOS 6.0 or later
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  • Date Updated: July 12, 2018

We already know, Temple Run was a very popular Endless Runner style entertainment game many years ago. This game has created a global craze and is one of the leading Endless Runner games. At present, we have a lot of new and unique options offered by the developers. Today, we will introduce you to a game of Endless Runner style that has attracted a lot of attention from players around the world is Rail Rush. Miniclip developer has created a highly appreciated Endless Runner game and can pass the Temple Run game. Therefore, we will evaluate the game and how to download the simplest game.

rail rush 2

Journey on the rails

In Rail Rush APK Download, you will be an explorer. You will use a car that can work on the rails and make your endless journey in the mysterious mines. The gameplay is quite simple, and players will not spend a lot of time learning about it and control their car proficiency. You can join the tutorial for beginners to make things easier. Then you will control your car and make an endless journey.

rail rush 3

In the mine, there will be many different obstacles. You will not need to move on a single path; your character can control the car to jump to another track to continue the journey. Therefore, you will use this special ability to avoid obstacles that appear unexpectedly on the rails. The journey will end when you collide with an obstacle, or your car crashed into the abyss.

Rail Rush for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Also, you also need to collect gold coins and precious items that appear randomly on the tracks. You can control your character to perform actions that are tilted to the left or right to collect precious items to become richer. You can use these precious items to purchase various support items in the game’s store. The support items will give you a lot of advantages, so use these items in the most reasonable way to achieve higher scores.

rail rush 4

Unique design

Rail Rush Mod Gold owns a unique and beautiful 3D animated graphic design. The colour of the game is dark in colour because the player is moving in a tunnel. However, all the obstacles in front of your eyes are displayed. You can easily avoid obstacles. The sound of the car when struck with rails is simulated as in real life to bring the experience to the player.

rail rush 5


If you are a fan of Endless Runner games, you will not be able to skip Rail Rush. This is one of the top Endless Runner games you should experience by its fun and unique. Android and iOS enabled games; you can download this game simply by using the link at the bottom of the article.