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  • Date Updated: September 18, 2019

Referring to the manufacturers of RPG games today, we can not ignore the name Rockstar Games. This is a well-known manufacturer worldwide with its cult product Grand Theft Auto Series. From the engaging content and gameplay of Grand Theft Auto Series, Rockstar Games continues to develop a new game for everyone to explore. It is called Red Dead Redemption II – RDR2: Companion and will bring players many exciting adventure journeys in the western part of the United States. This game has now been released through two platforms: Playstation and Xbox. But don’t worry, Rockstar Games has also prepared an attractive version on the mobile platform RDR2: Companion for everyone to enjoy. You can use the share link at the end of the article to explore the game right now.

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RDR2: Companion APK Mod brings many interesting and related stories to Arthur Morgan. He is the leader of a famous gang in the Western part of the United States. But his bold robberies were of interest to the Federal government and a new war was started. Federal police forces and bounty hunters began attacking to eradicate the Arthur Morgan gang. Facing the risk of extinction both gangs and themselves, Arthur Morgan has a responsibility to ensure the lives of everyone and destroy all those who are not part of his gang. Therefore, your mission is to help Arthur Morgan survive the fierce battle and destroy all the various dangers (police, bounty hunters, …).

RDR2: Companion – The Official RDR2 App

Fierce gun battles

To protect yourself and the members of the gang. You will have to move continuously in the West to search for gang members and inform them of the upcoming danger. Your only means of transportation is a healthy horse. And you will be allowed to use many different weapons to fight the enemy. The western part of the United States is vast with complex terrain. Therefore, you need to choose safe and quick paths to protect gang members.

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Along the way, you also face many different enemies, and fierce gun battles will break out. Besides, you also face many enemies at the same time. In the face of these complex situations, you need to calm down and fight wisely to survive. In addition to the task of moving and fighting with enemies, players also have the task of collecting food to survive. To get food, you will be participating in wildlife hunting missions. Wild animals in the West are a great source of food for you to survive. Please accumulate a lot of food and ensure your character’s health to be ready for the deadly journey ahead.

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Due to being developed by Rockstar Games, RDR2: Companion will also own a good quality imaging system with smooth motion. To bring people many vivid images in the wild and dangerous West. The manufacturer has prepared many sharp images and classic color system for everyone to enjoy.