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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
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  • Date Updated: June 3, 2019

Real Cricket 19 – You are ready for the most popular sport in the UK. This is an interesting sport; it has many private tournaments for you to participate in the competition and win the championship. This sport requires a harmonious combination of many members of the club to win. Do you want to build a strong club and compete in many different tournaments? Quickly download and explore this fascinating sport with the sharing link at the end of the article.

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Interesting sport

Cricket is a familiar challenge for many people. With team play, this sport requires perfect coordination between many people in the group to defeat other opponents. Real Cricket 19 for iOS is a new version with many nice changes of Real Cricket series and was released by Nautilus Mobile. Coming to the new version, you will enjoy more attractive and authentic matches. The images of the game are more elaborate and will bring more fun to you.

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How to operate the club

You will be allowed to create your club with their costumes and colors to compete in 16 tournaments. Each tournament will be held in many different countries, and you have the opportunity to explore many large stadiums. Your club will compete with 11 players on a circular stadium. At each match, your club is allowed to compete with two different turns of defense and attack.

Real Cricket™ 19 for Android/iOS – Gameplay

To ensure victory in each tournament, you must ensure the spirit and health of the players. Each player will have different personal indicators, and you need to exploit this information logically to create perfect competition strategies. Besides, selecting and ordering players when playing is an important task. Selecting and arranging matches properly will give you more chances to win.

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Game mode

Real Cricket 19 will provide players with Ranked and Unranked modes. In particular, matches of ranked mode will require points to arrange your achievements in the rankings of the game. Winning matches helps you get new scores, the higher the score, the higher the rankings on the rankings. If lost in matches of ranked, your team will be penalized and downgraded.

In contrast, Unranked mode will not affect your position on the rankings, and you can comfortably entertain according to your personal preferences. With this mode, you can test new competitive strategies or use new player teams without fear of being downgraded. Matches in this mode bring more fun entertainment experiences, and you can join your friends to share your competitive skills.

Real Cricket™ 19


The game is built with a sharp and smooth image system. With beautiful 3D graphics, players will enjoy many details and vivid motion. Besides, being comfortable to decorate and create costumes for the club will bring unique colors to entertain. Also, you can enjoy many replay videos from matches and help you change your competition strategies quickly.