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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 8.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 97 MB
  • Date Updated: June 3, 2019

Realm Defense: Hero Legends – If you are a fan of tower defense challenges, this unique game is a great choice for you to explore. It is produced by Babeltime US, and the latest version is officially updated on June 2, 2019. In challenging tower defense of the game, you will continue to engage in battle with monsters. On many separate maps. Each map is a new challenge for you to build your defense strategies and complete the mission. Currently, this game is available on Googleplay with over 4 million downloads in the past time. Download now, and enjoy these addictive strategic elements.

realm defense hero 2

Familiar and addictive game

Tower Defense style is very familiar to everyone, and players can easily experience this game quickly. Similar to other tower defense challenges, Realm Defense: Hero Legends APK Mod will bring players to various battlefields and monsters. You will have to build different types of defense towers to prevent the attacks of monsters. To defend against the onslaught of monsters with each wave, you need a scientific strategy and use a variety of different towers. If you don’t have a good plan, monsters can easily overcome your defenses.

realm defense hero 3

Familiar gameplay and many unique tower types

In defense missions, you are provided with different construction positions on the game’s maps. At these locations, you are allowed to build and use a variety of defense towers. The construction of towers will help you destroy monsters that appear along the way. On each map, there will be a certain position for the monsters to attack. When monsters move through this position, your defensive mission will fail.

Realm Defense: Hero Legends TD – Tower Defense Strategy Game

To kill monsters, a variety of defense towers will be prepared for you to use. Each tower type has its advantages to explore. For example, towers that use magic power often have great damage and slow speed. Or towers using archers will have fast attack speed and normal damage. Depending on the monster you face, build reasonable towers to defeat them.

realm defense hero 4

Besides using defensive towers in combat, players need to upgrade these types of defense towers. The system to upgrade the defense towers is divided into separate characteristics. Each upgrade will give you different advantages on the battlefield. Initial upgrades will have simple requirements, and higher upgrades will have complex requirements.

Map and game mode

Coming to the defense tower challenges, the player has the opportunity to explore various battle maps, and each map will take you to separate combat environments. You can engage in fights under volcanoes, plains, or vast forests. The map system is carefully prepared, and each map will have its path to challenge your intellect. Monsters will appear in waves, and they will move on many different paths. Therefore, you need to create a dense and stable defense system to prevent their movement.

realm defense hero 1

For each map, you are allowed to explore three game modes easy, normal, and hard. The game modes will be unlocked in turn after you have completed the easy mode. Each game mode will have its limitations to overcome. For example, the hard mode will prohibit you from using certain defense towers when you experience it. In general, game modes and game requirements are scientifically prepared according to different maps.