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  • Date Updated: March 6, 2019

Among today’s mobile game makers, 111% is one of the manufacturers that leaves a lot of impression on users. Their products are aimed at light experiences and create a lot of positive emotions. They are very famous for saying: Hello, we will steal your time. It’s simple but addictive. Recently, they have also released the latest product, and it is called Retro Rangers. You will be involved in many fun battles with a series of funny pictures that will make you love it. To be able to quickly enjoy the exciting challenges above, please use the sharing link at the end of the article.

retro rangers 2

The world after the end of the world

Retro Rangers for iOS is built according to the story of a post-apocalyptic world. Earth is invaded by many dangerous monsters; they have destroyed many cities and put people at risk. To protect the earth, many heroes have appeared to fight against monsters. When participating in the experience, you have the task of building an alliance of heroes and protecting the earth together. Summon and train various heroes to defeat the enemy and collect many valuable rewards.

retro rangers 3

Unique base

With the goal of creating a strong alliance of many different heroes, you will be provided with a unique base to use. The base consists of many different rooms, each with its functions. When starting the experience, the game system will guide you to use the base. Your base consists of 4 main rooms including a common room (where all members of the union are gathered). The second room is room to restore vitality (the room has the effect of revitalizing the heroes after a hard fight). The third room is the training room (the room is used to train combat skills for heroes). And the last room is the gold collecting room (besides the task of hitting monsters to receive gold coins, you can collect gold coins from this room).

Retro Rangers for Android/iOS – Gameplay

In addition to the basic functions, after experience and have accumulated a lot of gold. You can proceed to upgrade the base so that the functional rooms are developed and support the characters in the best way. The number of each character when using the rooms will be limited. After each upgrade, the number of characters allowed to use at the same time will be increased. Pay attention to upgrading your base scientifically to support heroes and help them get the best fighting ability.

retro rangers 4


The game is prepared with many different characters for you to explore; each character will be designed with many different races. Also, each character is designed with unique fighting ability and is allowed to possess a special fighting skill. For the characters to have the strongest fighting ability, you need to train them and fight regularly. The number of heroes is varied, so you are allowed to summon and use many characters at the same time. Arrange and use heroes in a reasonable way to create many interesting experiences.

retro rangers 5

Simple fighting

The battle system in Retro Rangers APK Mod is unique, the characters will automatically fight, and you are only responsible for observing the battle. You only need to select different battle areas; then the characters will automatically destroy the enemy without performing any complicated operations.

You will support the characters by activating their special combat skills when needed, touching the squares at the bottom of the screen to use them. These skills require a lot of energy to use. Therefore, these skills need to be activated in emergencies or follow a smart strategy. Each special skill requires recovery time after use, so you need to use it scientifically.

retro rangers 1

Funny pictures

Retro Rangers has a beautiful 2D graphics with the classic design style, promising to bring a lot of excitement. Impressive and varied combat skills effect helps your battles become more attractive. Besides, various levels and tasks are played on many different maps to help you not get bored.