• Publisher:
  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 100 MB
  • Date Updated: November 24, 2018

Revolve8 is a game released by SEGA CORPORATION; this is a very interesting strategy game. The game is recommended for real-time strategy enthusiasts and intense PVP matches. If you are familiar with the products of SEGA CORPORATION, then you definitely will not have to worry about the quality of this game. The game has many cute graphics and the most intense battles that you can not ignore.

revolve8 1

Rich tactics

This game is suitable for those who are thinking and planning reasonably because the game applies real-time tactical elements. So when you experience the game, you should not rush to make decisions without thinking. The game also requires more accurate calculations such as when the enemy attacks and how to deal with the enemy. The game will arrange randomly for you to play against other players, these are intense battles that require determination and intrigue. The way to win in this game is not in strength but in the ability to think and judge.

revolve8 2


The content of the game is that you will collect the characters in the game to form a battle group headed by you, your squad will consist of 8 different characters to help generate more tactical rational. In each match, the game will provide a limited time of 3 minutes, within the limits of the game you have the task of destroying the opponent’s Towers. If you can not destroy the opponent, the damage done to your opponent at least is greater than the damage done to you by the enemy. Calculate and make the right decisions to help you kill the enemy quickly.

Revolve8 for Android/iOS – Gameplay

To build the strongest team, you need to collect characters with special skills or good combat ability. In particular, you need to arrange the characters properly so that when fighting they will support each other. Fight and train your characters, so they are stronger, gathering more characters to grow your squad. The strength of the character is important, but the tactical factor also needs attention, so you should not be too dependent on the strength of the character. Players need to have reasonable tactics to promote the ability of each character.

revolve8 3

Lovely graphics

SEGA CORPORATION is a famous Japanese company so you will not need to worry about the graphics quality of the game. All details in the game are designed and displayed carefully and beautifully. Revolve8 for iOS has excellent 3D graphics and many outstanding visual effects. The interface of the game is very interesting because this is an important detail to evaluate the game. The layout of the game is very nice and easy to use so players will never feel bored and uncomfortable.

revolve8 4

Perfect tactical game

Revolve8 is a name that has received a lot of attention recently because of its beautiful graphics and attractive gameplay. Games bring a whole new experience and appeal than classic strategy games. The game allows people to connect and challenge each other to learn and experience more fun games. Being confronted with another player will give you confidence and power.