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To become a pilot, each student will have to pass many different tests and must have a large amount of knowledge about aviation equipment. The training of pilots outside reality is very complicated and takes a lot of time to successfully train a professional pilot.

rfs real flight simulator 2

From the new information above, do you want to become a professional pilot and comfortably conquer the vast sky? With the desire to help people understand more about the work of a professional pilot and get true discoveries about this work. RORTOS producer has released a unique simulation game and allows people to enjoy the challenge of flying a plane right on their device. The game is called RFS – Real Flight Simulator and is now available on Googleplay.

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Become a pilot

Similar to other popular simulation challenges, RFS – Real Flight Simulator APK Mod allows players to take control and use a variety of commercial aircraft. You will become a civilian pilot and go to many different countries around the world. Compared to the conventional driving simulation challenges, the task of controlling the aircraft will not be simple. Therefore, you need to have the skill to control a plane in the air and not make it fall to the ground.

RFS – Real Flight Simulator – The most advanced Flight Sim

Opportunity to conquer the vast sky

The task of a civilian pilot is relatively simple compared to military pilots. You can control the aircraft in a stable way to transport passengers or goods to the required locations. The number of prepared tasks is also varied. Therefore, you have the opportunity to explore and enjoy many beautiful landscapes in many different countries (from Europe to Asia).

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The aircraft’s control system will give you two different views. The first view is from inside the cockpit of the plane. With this perspective, you will definitely feel the sincerity and exciting emotions when you become a pilot. The next view is the 3rd view (TPS) that allows you to have a panoramic view of the surroundings from outside the plane. Compared to the first view, the 3rd view will make it easier to observe around. From there, you can quickly provide many agile control operations that can stabilize the aircraft during the migration process.

Many types of planes for use and decoration

With simulation elements, RFS – Real Flight Simulator will provide players with different types of aircraft to use. You will start the game with a number of light and easy-to-control civilian aircraft. Complete many different journeys, you can get bonuses. And you can use the bonus to buy new types of aircraft and participate in more complex tasks. These types of aircraft will be arranged in many different segments, such as light aircraft, medium aircraft, and heavy aircraft.

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The larger the aircraft size, the more passengers or cargo it can carry. However, it is difficult to control large-sized aircraft. If you operate improperly or take off, a dangerous aviation accident may occur. Therefore, you must be calm to check the necessary parameters during the flight to ensure safety.