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  • Platforms: Android 4.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 788 MB
  • Date Updated: April 4, 2019

After the success of PUBG Mobile or Rules of Survival Mobile, there are now many Battle Royale games for everyone to experience and relax. These games are often designed to be more attractive with many addictive fighting styles and a variety of weapons systems along with unique maps for players to explore. Ride Out Heroes is a recently released Battle Royale game by NetEase Games that will surprise you. This new Battle Royale challenge will give people a unique experience with many exciting fighting styles that other games don’t have. To be able to experience the game right now, use the sharing link at the end of the article.

ride out heroes 2

New image system

Ride Out Heroes for iOS offers a great image quality with smooth character movements and a diverse combat environment system. The game has a realistic 3D graphics and 3rd perspective that makes your experiences more exciting. Besides, the system of weapons or moving vehicles is designed with many unique and beautiful details. With five unique character types, you have the opportunity to enjoy many special combat skills and impressive fighting skills effects.

Ride Out Heroes for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Character system

Unlike the usual Battle Royale challenges, you will enjoy five different character types with a different battle skill system. From there, it creates a lot of unique fighting styles and brings more exciting battles. In particular, five types of characters will be equipped with five types of weapons separately and suitable for each fighting style of the character. Besides equipped with special weapons, the characters also used two different weapons when participating in combat. With diverse combat skills and weapons, the battles ahead will be very surprising and worth your experience.

ride out heroes 3


Similar to other Battle Royale games, you will still get a variety of virtual keys to move characters and use weapons when fighting. When using special combat skills, you will get some extra virtual keys to help you perform special skills when facing enemies. Combine and make good use of these virtual keys to defeat many enemies and win at the end of each match.

ride out heroes 4

Competition is fierce but fun

You can participate in battles in individual or group form, depending on your needs and interests. With an individual form, you have the opportunity to fight and survive before 99 other players. In the limited time of the game, you need to defeat the remaining 99 players to get the victory. You must move continuously and collect items along the way to survive.

ride out heroes 5

As for team-based combat, you can join a group with players across the globe, or you can invite friends to join to experience. Team battles often have more time to fight because of the need for harmonious coordination among team members. If you do not support the party members well, your party will be easily attacked and destroyed quickly by enemies.

Are you ready?

Ride Out Heroes is a unique combination of Battle Royale and RPG. Come to the game; you have the opportunity to experience exciting battle battles and enjoy many beautiful images. This challenge is new and addictive, join your friends to enjoy the most exciting battles.