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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 8.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 230 MB
  • Date Updated: January 12, 2019

Currently, to help users get more interesting experiences. The role-playing products are always combined with attractive strategic elements. The products are combined with strategic elements, and role-playing always gets the attention of people. These games always bring unexpected experiences and challenges. Rise of Heroes released by WingJoy Limited is a famous game in the mobile market. This game brings impressive battles and a unique character system.

rise of heroes 2

Sharp graphics

Rise of Heroes for iOS is based on the culture of the Arab lands and many interesting stories besides each character. You will discover the unique Arab world ever, characters built with lots of beautiful details and unique power systems. Sharp 3D graphics and smooth movements create many impressive character effects. System interface of the game is designed simple and easy to see, you will easily perform operations quickly. Specifically, the impressive image system combined with exciting gameplay will bring you many activities and experience excitement.

rise of heroes 3

Many interesting characters

Players will discover many different characters; each character will have unique shapes and powers to experience. Besides, you will be summoned and use more than 200 different characters. Players will create an impressive fighting team with the use of multiple characters. The character system of the game is really interesting when built with five different factions; this brings more impressive challenges. In addition to improving the system of battle skills and character parameters, you will be allowed to perform character upgrades. These upgrades will create characters with good power and help your team fight better.

Rise of Heroes for Android/iOS – Gameplay

To bring fierce battles, the manufacturer has built a system with different Gem types to strengthen the character. Collecting and equipping Gem for the character is an impressive challenge for everyone to overcome. You will discover many different types of powers with more than 15 different attributes of each Gem. Fight and complete various events to collect Gem types.

rise of heroes 4

Strategy and competition

Rise of Heroes APK Mod offers exciting battles, where you will have to use your characters well to win. You need to know the strengths and weaknesses of each character in use to create sensible strategies when fighting. The scientific strategy is an important factor and determines your ability to win in each match. Players should have many scientific strategies when fighting to be able to destroy opponents quickly and ensure safety for your team.

rise of heroes 1

Besides a compelling strategic element, you will experience a unique PVP mode and an interesting community system when allowed to communicate with many other players around the world. You will be competing in PVP mode to train each character’s strategy and combat ability. PVP mode is always loved by people because of fierce competition from other players. Join the game and make friends with many people, share interesting things while experiencing and together overcome many unique challenges of the game.


Discover the most exciting activities of RPG strategy genre with Rise of Heroes. The world famous Arab battles and cultures are waiting for you to learn. Join an impressive Arab world and get interesting stories with other players around the globe.