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  • Platforms: Android 4.0 or later iOS 6.0 or later
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  • Date Updated: May 15, 2019

In medieval times in European countries, knights were respected people in society. They are loved by people because of their wealth and reputation. In addition to the above factors, the knights are also professional athletes in fair tournaments in search of successors to the royal family. If you wish to explore these fierce tournaments, go to Rival Knights. This is an exciting fighting game and helps you enjoy the true feeling of becoming a knight. This game is currently released by Gameloft and is available on Googleplay.

Rival Knights 2

Big tournament

Starting Rival Knights for iOS, you will become a knight and participate in a major royal tournament. The king of the kingdom passed away due to illness and no successor. The surrounding countries are plotting to invade your country because the position of the ruler has not been received. Therefore, the royal family organized a spear tournament to find a worthy knight to become the next king and help the kingdom not be invaded. You and many other knights on the entire territory of the kingdom will participate in this tournament. So fierce battles and fierce competition are waiting for you ahead. Fight and win to become a king worthy of the kingdom.

Rival Knights for Android/iOS – Gameplay


When participating in the tournament, you and the other knights will be taken to an arena. Here, you will have to ride a horse and use a spear to knock your opponent off their horse to win. In the match, whoever falls first is the loser, and the person who is still sitting on the horse is the winner. The rules of the tournament are fair and easy to understand; you will have to participate in many matches and defeat your opponents to win.

Rival Knights 3


The game has prepared an easy-to-understand control system; you have to touch and swipe your hands on the screen to defeat the opponent. In matches, you will have to compete with high speed. On the device’s screen will be prepared a speed control toolbar and it will help you achieve the necessary speed when playing. Touch the screen to accelerate and ensure a stable movement speed.

Rival Knights 4

When approaching the enemy, moving images will slow down, and weak spots will appear on the enemy’s armor. At these weaknesses, white circles will appear. After seeing the weak point on the enemy’s armor, you need to quickly control the spear to the right position to hit the opponent. Quickly control your spear to the position of the white circle to win.

Rival Knights 1


The manufacturer will prepare you for many different challenges from simple to complex. Therefore, you need to equip many different items to fight. You will be equipped with a large spear, helmet, armor, and horse. These are the equipment that will follow you throughout the experience. In addition to the basic equipment, you are provided at the beginning of the challenge. You can also upgrade or buy new equipment for the characters. In general, the game’s item system is very diverse, and you will get many different options. Try to prepare carefully and equip the best items before each match for your character.