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Horse racing is a favourite sport in America and Europe. This sport always brings interesting competition and many surprises for players. Have you ever thought of becoming an athlete in this sport and owning a horse of your own? You will enjoy the unique experience of participating in Rival Stars Horse Racing. The game will bring you races and fierce competition; you can also discover many different species of horses and learn more about this beautiful animal. The game produced by PIKPOK and to be able to experience it quickly, please use our link.

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Discover interesting stories

Rival Stars Horse Racing for iOS will bring a story with many meanings about the family and people’s interest in the sport. You are the grandson of a famous equestrian athlete and inherited stables from your grandfather. You will continue your grandfather’s career and participate in horse racing. You need to go through many different training missions and tournaments to get more victories. These are not just ordinary horse races but also the family’s reputation.

Rival Stars Horse Racing – Horse racing for champions

You need to try to become a famous athlete and make your grandfather proud. Participate in many tournaments and win good positions on the rankings of the game. In addition to participating in tournaments, you must also take care of horses and train them well.

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Players begin to experiment with the task of creating and naming characters. After that, there will be some basic guidelines for you to get used to and control the game. After completing the instructions, you will participate in many different challenges or tasks. Each mission will take you to a different tournament. You have to compete with many different opponents in the arena. Each match will take place with eight athletes, and you need to overcome seven people to win. When the match ends, you will receive different bonuses. The higher your position, the more bonus you will receive and vice versa.

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Training and care

To win, you need to train and take care of horses in a scientific way. Inside your stables, there will be a support manager to help you train horses. Besides, the manager will give suggestions about caring for horses, selling old ones or creating new horses.

In addition to management staff at the stables, you have to hire a trainer to train your horses regularly to improve their skills. There are three features that you need to pay attention to improve your horse’s performance: Speed, Sprint Energy and Acceleration. You need to develop a good training and care plan for horses to improve these three indicators. Without planned training, the indicators will not be developed evenly and make your horse weaker than other competitors.

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This is a pretty unique game, and players will be curious about its graphics quality. Rival Stars Horse Racing APK Mod owns vivid 3D graphics with realistic designs of horses and athletes. You have the opportunity to enjoy many beautiful images in each race and experience intense competition. Besides, you can also explore the smooth and stable movements of each horse while playing. The game is also appreciated when preparing much beautiful scenery of the racecourse. You will feel the bustling atmosphere at the racetrack with lots of people cheering and the running of the horses.

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Rival Stars Horse Racing creates many interesting experiences and brings new challenges to this fascinating sport. Exciting races and powerful horse breeds are waiting for you to explore, join your friends to create more exciting experiences.