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  • Publisher:
  • Platforms: Android 4.2 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 17 MB
  • Date Updated: January 13, 2019

Racing and obstacle challenges will bring a lot of unique experiences. Join Road Finger to move on many impressive racetracks. Build and create your paths and overcome many unique challenges to create many exciting achievements. This impressive product is produced by Round Zero, and you can use applications such as Googleplay or link to share at the end of the article to experience the game.

road finger 2

Interesting game

This game is built on many exciting challenges and easy to understand gameplay. The player is responsible for creating safe paths to help the car successfully move to the required location. You will have to create multiple paths with different shapes; the game is built with many different levels with obstacles and traps. You will need to build accurately and quickly create many safe aisles to complete the levels of the game. This is a challenging and suitable for entertainment after working and studying hard.

road finger 3

Impressive terrain

Road Finger for iOS is prepared with many unique maps and challenges to bring many interesting activities for everyone. You will be able to move and pass various terrain to complete the mission. The map system of the game is sophisticatedly prepared with a variety of terrain and obstacles to bring unexpected challenges for players. To overcome the complicated terrain, you will have to create many safe walks by touching the screen of the device. Touch and move your finger to create many different paths and complete the challenges of the game.

road finger 4

With a variety of unique terrains, players will experience two game modes: Singleplayer and Multiplayer. Players will experience two different challenges in each mode. Multiplayer mode helps you to participate in exciting matches; you will be competing with others. This mode brings challenges of time, to win you will have to move on many safe paths at high speed. And the winner is the person who has the shortest travel time. And Singleplayer mode brings distance challenges. With this mode, you will be allowed to create many different achievements. You will experience endless challenges; you will have to move well and create the longest distance to have impressive achievements. This mode also helps you train and prepare to compete with other players in Multiplayer mode.

Road Finger for Android/iOS – Gameplay


Besides the task of helping the car overcome many challenges of the game, you will have to try to create impressive paths to collect more rewards. Along the way, there will be lots of gold coins and support items to help you overcome the challenges of the game. You will have to build science to be able to easily overcome traps and obstacles, and you will also collect a lot of gold to help create good scores. In particular, you should collect support items on the way as they will help you increase your movement speed. A scientifically built path will help you complete the challenge more quickly.

road finger 1

Simple graphics

Road Finger APK Mod provides a good and simple image quality but suitable for gameplay. The game is designed with an impressive animation style that brings experiences suitable for all ages. The theme of the game is carefully prepared with many beautiful details; horizontal screen motion provides many interesting pictures.


Road Finger with easy-to-understand gameplay and impressive PVP matches will make you excited when you experience. Many unique challenges and beautiful image systems will create many unforgettable memories. Experience with friends and family for more fun.

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