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  • Platforms: Android 5.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 34 MB
  • Date Updated: May 14, 2019

If you are a person who is interested in simple and gentle gameplay, you cannot ignore the products created by Playgendary. They are a very interesting producer and their products always bring lots of laughter to everyone. Their games have simple content, and people can easily experience in many different locations. In particular, their games released on Googleplay always receive millions of downloads.

Rocket Buddy 2

When it comes to Playgendary, people can’t help but mention their two unique games Kick the Buddy: Forever and Bouncemasters!. In it, Kick the Buddy: Forever is a fascinating entertainment game and helps players relieve stress quickly. Based on the success of this game, they have continued to release a new game with equally interesting content as Rocket Buddy.

New game

Rocket Buddy APK Mod is the next version of the game series related to Buddy character. Come to this new product; you will continue to enjoy the lovely images of this character in unique challenges. Like an actor in the circus, Buddy character will be placed in a cannon. And you are responsible for making accurate shots to bring Buddy to the target on the device’s screen.

Rocket Buddy 3

Have fun with Buddy

You will participate in these addictive experiences with one-touch operations. To make accurate shots and complete missions, you have to touch many locations on the screen to choose the right shot angle. Touching and holding hands on the screen will help you choose better shooting angles. One touch will count as one shot. In this challenge, you must participate in each level prepared in advance. Note, the number of shots will be limited to one level. Therefore, you need good calculations and observations to make accurate shots.

Rocket Buddy for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Besides the limited number of turns, players also face many different obstacles. The manufacturer will prepare many obstacles to prevent you from completing the task. The obstacles will be arranged in many different positions and will often shield your goal. So, players compute scientific calculations to make good shots and overcome these obstacles to reach the target’s position. In particular, the more complex the level, the more and more diverse the number of obstacles.

Rocket Buddy 4

At different levels, you will have to overcome many different types of pitfalls. From simple wooden boxes to the teleport port scenes impressively moved. The obstacles are always arranged scientifically at each level and promise to create the most exciting experience for you. Also, the game will not have a time limit to challenge. So, you can freely choose the shooting angle and calculate carefully to complete the task. With no time limit to participate in the challenge, players will feel comfortable and want to experience this game longer.

Rocket Buddy 1

Lovely pictures

Rocket Buddy has a lovely image system and sharp 2D graphics. With simple content, the game’s graphics are also designed to be simple but still bring lots of funny images to everyone. Besides, you also enjoy some unique explosive image effects. After completing each level, you also enjoy beautiful fireworks displays. Overall, the image of the game is well prepared and helps you get the best relaxation time.