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  • Platforms: iOS 8.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 65 MB
  • Date Updated: February 19, 2019

If you love interesting one-touch challenges, you should not ignore Ketchapp manufacturer’s cool products. They are a well known and familiar game publisher for many people. They are very successful with one-touch challenge products like Stack, Stick Hero or Knife Hit. If you’re ready for one-touch challenges ahead, join Rocket Rabbids right now to enjoy a beautiful photo party and exciting challenges. Currently, players can download this game from App Store.

rocket rabbids 1

Challenges suitable for all ages

Rocket Rabbids for Android are designed with a simple and easy-to-understand control system. You have the task of controlling your character skillfully to help characters overcome many obstacles and traps along the way. You have the task of helping the character of the game overcome many enemies to create many impressive scores. The game is developed simply but brings many fun challenges for everyone to relax.

rocket rabbids 3

Many interesting levels

The manufacturer has designed many different levels for players to experience. Each level will have different pitfalls and obstacles that create many different experiences and help you not get bored. The arrangement and the number of obstacles in each difficulty level are different. Therefore, you need to watch carefully to be able to complete the level with high scores. In particular, the levels are built in many different environments. You can experience the challenges of day or night time to bring more exciting experiences.

Rocket Rabbids – Rabbids on a quest!

Impressive costume system

To create high scores, you have to overcome many different levels and accumulate lots of bonuses. Along the way, there will appear many gold coins and stars in different positions. The player must control the character correctly to overcome the pitfalls and collect lots of gold coins and stars. Stars and gold coins will be used to unlock many new outfits. The costumes will help your character become more powerful with some special features. Accumulate more stars and gold coins to discover a variety of unique outfits.

rocket rabbids 4

Fun design

Rocket Rabbids APK Mod possesses a good image quality with beautifully designed characters and smooth movement. The environment and space of the game are beautifully built with many unique image details. Unique combat weapons effects designed with different colours and shapes create many exciting emotions for players.

rocket rabbids 5


Rocket Rabbids is a fun entertainment game; it will give players the most fun moments. All details of the game are coordinated very harmoniously, and the challenge is not too complicated — experience with friends to have lots of fun and relaxing time.