• Publisher:
  • Platforms: iOS 9.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 225 MB
  • Date Updated: August 21, 2019

Simple and interesting is the famous brand of VOODOO manufacturer. Their games often have content that is easy to understand and suitable for many different ages. If you are a lover of simplicity and lightness, you should not ignore the unique games and challenges of this manufacturer.

Roller Smash 3

Among the dozens of popular products released by VOODOO, Roller Smash is the name that is receiving a lot of attention worldwide. It has unique gameplay and many attractive levels for everyone to explore. Currently, this game is available on App Store, and it requires iOS 9.0 or later to be stable.

Roller Smash 4

How to play

Roller Smash for iOS provides very interesting content for everyone to relax. The game will require you to destroy many different objects at each level. Besides, you also have the task of collecting all the destroyed objects to complete the challenge. The tasks of the game are easy to understand and fast-paced. Therefore, you can easily entertain yourself in many different situations and anywhere.

Roller Smash – Satisfying physics chaos

Move skillfully to destroy and collect

You will be provided with a special ball. You will have to use the provided ball to destroy many different objects in the game. In addition, this ball also functions as a portable magnet. The items after being destroyed will drop many different fragments. At that time, you will have to control the ball skillfully to collect all the debris that is on the map. To complete the above requirements, touch and hold your hand on the screen to move the ball to the desired position. These controls are simple, and you can comfortably experience with one hand.

The challenges ahead will be built on each level. And each level will prepare unique objects with many interesting shapes for you to destroy. Besides items that need to be destroyed and collected, the manufacturer also prepares many obstacles and a number of different pitfalls for you to overcome. The obstacles will prevent you from moving continuously on the map and make it difficult for you to collect the debris required to complete the task. Also, you also have to face the pitfalls that are dangerous black holes. In the process of moving and collecting debris, you need to avoid colliding with these black holes. Move wisely to collect enough debris on the map and avoid approaching dangerous black holes.

Roller Smash 1

Attractive images

To help people discover exciting challenges constantly and get more fun, Roller Smash is built with a beautiful visual system. Besides, the levels in the game will be prepared according to the various color themes and landscapes for players to watch. Moreover, the items provided in each level will be built in different colors and shapes. You can relax by destroying a star, a house, a heart, and many other beautiful objects.