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  • Date Updated: January 11, 2019

In the history of human development in general and Europe in particular, Rome is known to be a strong empire developed in Europe around the 1st century BC to the 6th century AD. The empire possessed many large lands and invaded large areas of land to rule and exploit. In particular, Rome is very famous for owning a powerful military force with good equipment. With a strong and well-trained army, Rome used their huge military apparatus and conquered many different countries. The army of Rome has conquered and fought on many different battlefields and defeated many enemies. You want to experience and participate in the famous battles of this Empire. ROME: Total War will help you get this exciting experience.

rome total war 1

Legendary empire

ROME: Total War for iOS is known as a real-time strategy game and is released on the mobile platform by Feral Interactive Ltd. This is a well-known publisher with products that are focused on strategic elements. Participating in this game experience, you will enjoy many intense battles in the history of the Rome Empire. Players will become leaders and commanders of a powerful military force to conduct a war of aggression. You will lead and control the army to conquer many lands and nations to help Rome grow. Overcome the fierce challenges of the game and become a strong general that terrifies the enemy.

rome total war 2

Fight and win

The game has a battle system that will amaze you. You will own many different soldiers, and you will have to create a wise strategy when fighting if you want to destroy the enemy. You will have to monitor the battlefield flexibly to move soldiers and change the lineup of soldiers when fighting. A battlefield is a complicated place, and you will have to change strategies constantly. These changes are necessary, as they will help you win. Use soldiers and arrange science fights to overcome many different challenges.

ROME: Total War – Epic tactics, massive battles

ROME: Total War APK Mod brings a classic and authentic strategy system. You will have to control the situation of the battle in a centralized manner and devise clever strategies to defeat the enemy. To win, you need to know the enemy’s information to come up with attacking options or scientific defenses. As the commander of the army of Rome, you will be competing to gather resources and exploit colonies with many other empires such as Spain, Egypt, Britannia, etc.

rome total war 3

Unique interface

To provide the most realistic and fierce combat experience, the manufacturer has designed an impressive console system for you to use. You will use the game’s virtual key system, and the player simply touches the device’s device to control the game. The interface is designed and sophisticatedly arranged to provide simple controls for players. In different interfaces, you will be provided with the necessary information when fighting.

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You are interested in real-time strategy elements and want to experience large-scale battles, ROME: Total War is the best choice for you to experience. With realistic graphics and impressive interface, you will get many impressive strategic experiences on the most intense battlefields.