• Publisher:
  • Platforms: Android 4.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 600 MB
  • Date Updated: December 1, 2018

Rover Rage is a very addictive role-playing game and has many outstanding features for you and for everyone to explore. The game was released by NetEase Games, a popular mobile game company. This game will make you and everyone happy with the gameplay and excellent graphics quality of the game. In the game, you will experience exciting action but also embrace creativity to customize the game with your design.

rover rage 1

Impressive design

In addition to the intense fighting content in the game, you will be free to design and build your fighting machines. You will create unique fighting machines in the game and use them in fierce battles. The game is designed with a variety of modules for everyone to build. Each module will have its capabilities for people to assemble and use. Experience the game and create your own unique and powerful fighting machine to win the game.

rover rage 2

The battle is fierce

With compelling fighting content, people will use virtual keys designed in the game. People will be guided to use virtual keys and undergo many basic tutorials to experience the game. You will have to fight on the vast maps; the game will guide or give you some module for you to use. With the basic tasks at the beginning of the game, everyone will quickly understand the gameplay of the game. The mission of the game is to collect as many modules as possible. The game will not limit people’s creativity, and many models will give you the chance to build multiple versions of the battle machines.

Rover Rage for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Rover Rage for iOS is prepared with more than 200 different modules for custom people like Cannon, Sniper, EMP, Laser and other parts. People will more easily own more module when participating in the tasks that the game requires. With modules you collect, you can comfortably build a machine for your liking — a combat version used to attack an enemy or a well-defended version with multiple layers of armor. In particular, when fighting you can also steal a module of the enemy after destroying the opponent. The game offers two basic game modes including Solo and Duo, a mode that allows you to experience your skills and a mode that helps you develop your teammate skills. Working with your teammates in Dou mode will bring you more chances of winning, good cooperation will always ensure an easy win.

rover rage 3

Last comment

Rover Rage is a very fun and crazy fighting game; you will experience fierce battles on large maps along with a variety of modern combat equipment. In addition to the consistent content of the game, the manufacturer has prepared for the game excellent image quality. The game has beautiful 3D graphics, and very vivid images, the picture details of the game is also beautifully built. Excellent graphics and compelling content will make people love this game; this is the most addictive game today.