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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 47 MB
  • Date Updated: September 25, 2019

Royal Dice: Random Defense is an exciting strategy game with completely new content. Compared to the classic tower defence challenges, this game possesses a unique gameplay system. It promises to bring many fascinating battles to challenge the computational ability and intelligent thinking of the player. Besides the familiar strategic element, 111% manufacturer also prepared an easy-to-use interface system for players to easily adapt to the game. Currently, this game is available on Googleplay, or you can use the share link at the end of the article to explore.

royal dice random defense 4

Tower Defense battles online

Royal Dice: Random Defense for iOS was developed with an impressive mission and combat system. Instead of simple defensive battles, players will be engaged in more complex battles. This means you will discover PVP matches within the time allowed (2 minutes 30 seconds) to compete with other competitors. Each player will be prepared a separate map system to fight and destroy the enemies that appear along the way. The main task of each player is to ensure his life to the end of the match to win. Note, each player will be provided with three lives to fight and protect. In particular, players who reduce their lives to 0 before will be counted as losing.

royal dice random defense 1

Unique gameplay

This game has relatively complex competition content, and players need to have the patience to complete many different battles. As mentioned above, you will participate in the online competition with many other players. Each match will have a certain period of the competition. After the playing time has expired and the winner has not been found, the game will prepare two players for fighting BOSS at the end of the match. In particular, those who can destroy the BOSS first or cause more damage to the BOSS will count as the winner.

Royal Dice : Random Defense – PVP Random Defense

To protect the three lives provided and destroy the enemies appear along the way. You need to arrange and upgrade the defence towers according to a clever battle plan. In particular, the defence tower will be designed in the form of different dice. Therefore, players need to match dice of the same colour and same parameters to upgrade the defence tower. Arranging and matching multiple dice with high parameters will help you easily destroy many enemies on the way.

royal dice random defense 2

With the grid map (five vertical and three horizontal rows), players need to arrange and assemble defensive towers scientifically to be able to destroy many enemies quickly. Successfully destroying many enemies will help you get bonus points, and you can use bonus points to upgrade the attack capabilities of your defence towers. In particular, the manufacturer has prepared five types of defensive towers with different colours and attacks.

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Fight in groups

In addition to fighting in the form of 1 vs 1, Royal Dice: Random Defense also prepares interesting group battle mode (5/5 Alliance Mode). In team battle mode, you will be able to join the fight with many other players. This mode requires team members to support and coordinate well with each other to defeat competitors. In particular, the challenge of fighting in groups will take place with each wave different. Therefore, you need to calm down and upgrade defensive towers wisely. From there, you can complete the impressive challenges of this mode and get many interesting rewards.