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  • Date Updated: September 21, 2019

European Rugby Champions Cup is a famous tournament in Europe with many countries participating. This tournament brings many famous clubs and players. Based on this rugby sport and this exciting tournament, Sweet Nitro SL producer has built an attractive management game for everyone to enjoy. With Rugby Champions 19, you will become a coach of a team and have to compete with many other opponents to win the championship. Having to play with many clubs from different countries, the game requires you to have scientific and intelligent management plans.

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A talented coach

Rugby Champions 19 for iOS brings unique management tasks. You must have a lot of agile thinking to create many different competition plans to beat the opponents. Besides managing the group, you also have the task of collecting items and upgrading your players. The group management task will not be as simple as people think. You have to think constantly to grow the club. If you lack the agile and scientific thinking, your team will be quickly defeated by other opponents.

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Unique gameplay

When starting to join the game, you must create a club of your own from the directories that the game provides. After creating the club successfully, you will be instructed to participate in basic matches to familiarize yourself with the interface. Completing basic challenges will help you manage the club better. Each club will need many different players, and each player will fit in a different position during the competition. Therefore, you need to grasp the skills of each player to choose the right positions for them in each match.

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Participate in each match; you will have to build and arrange the players according to different strategies. Possessing many smart competition strategies will help you defeat many opponents in the tournament. Also, you have the task of collecting support items for your players. Equipping a variety of support items will help the players in your club have a good mental and physical strength to get ready for fierce competition. Note, collect support items that need you to complete many matches and the various tasks of the game.

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In addition to the task of upgrading players and selecting competing squads, Rugby Champions 19 also allows people to enjoy live matches. With this mode, you will enjoy many attractive matches and show your intelligent management capabilities. In particular, each match will be calculated, and you need to achieve a high score to get a good position in the ranking of the tournament. To get many high scores, you need to win a lot of victories over rivals. If you do not have many victories and are constantly defeated by the opponents, your club will be relegated and eliminated from the tournament.