• Publisher:
  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 87 MB
  • Date Updated: March 22, 2019

Do you think a clown can become a knight? When the clown becomes a knight, what will he do? To explore these questions, join Running Knight. With this fascinating game, you will discover the exciting experience of a clown when he becomes a knight. Instead of engaging in battle with enemies, you must take part in the obstacle challenges prepared by the king. This is a race of knights, you wear nice armour and try to overcome the obstacles on the way. Instead of intense battles, you will be relaxed alongside fun missions and unique challenges. The product is released by DO GLOBAL GAMES, and you can use our link to download.

running knight 1

Interesting challenge

Running Knight for iOS offers exciting races for everyone to relax. You will control a knight and must overcome the pitfalls along the way to complete the challenge. You must run continuously and face many crazy obstacles to survive. The game brings horizontal screen movements, from which you can explore many unique images of traps and knights.

running knight 2


Players will enjoy this addictive experience at each level. Each level has its pitfalls and obstacles to challenge you. To complete the challenge, you need to successfully move to the required position at the end of each level. On your way, there will be many different types of pitfalls and obstacles. You must pay close attention when crossing obstacles. With a variety of traps and obstacles, players will enjoy many unique and lovely images.

Running Knight for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Obstacles or pitfalls will work continuously and do not stop. To avoid and overcome obstacles, you need to calmly observe and implement intelligent controls. When faced with simple pitfalls, you just need to jump up high to overcome them. In contrast, with complex obstacles, you need to stop and observe their activity to find safe spots. If you touch these obstacles, your character will die, and the mission fails.

running knight 3

With over 150 different pitfalls, the game will give you a lot of fun experiences with a variety of exciting images to entertain. You have the opportunity to face pitfalls like giant axes, giant swords, crocodiles, animal traps and many other obstacles. The obstacles in each level are arranged and prepared very diverse. You will be surprised when you experience, and you do not calmly observe the path, your knight will not complete the challenge.

running knight 4

Unique design

Running Knight APK Mod¬†brings many unique images with pitfalls and obstacles. With 3D graphics and a diverse landscape of the game, you will have a fun time. In particular, the character’s movements are also very well prepared with more than 1000 different types of moves for you to explore. Also, the movement of each trap or obstacle is unexpected and creates many fascinating challenges for players.

running knight 5


With exciting moves and exciting challenges, Running Knight will be a hit in the current time. In addition to the fun images to relax, the game also owns a small size (88 MB). From there you can easily experience on many different devices. Download now to experience and make your reviews to help the manufacturer continue to develop products.