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  • Platforms: Android 4.0.3 or later iOS 8.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 1.8 GB
  • Date Updated: September 12, 2019

Saint Seiya is a famous series and was composed by Kurumada Masami author. This series, since its release has received many famous Japanese awards. Besides, the content of this series is also used to design and develop many different RPG games.

saint seiya awakening 2

To meet the entertainment needs of everyone and the long-time fans of this series, YOOZOO (SINGAPORE) PTE. LTD. producer released an interesting RPG game, and it’s called Saint Seiya Awakening. With sophisticatedly designed gameplay system, players will surely have many fun battles and meet many famous characters of Saint Seiya. If you care and want to relax with many fascinating battles? Use the sharing link at the end of the article to set up on your device.

Impressive graphics

In addition to impressive content, Saint Seiya Awakening for iOS also has beautiful 3D graphics and carefully designed characters to every detail. Because it is based on the series of the same name, the game will bring you many familiar images. With smooth movement and many attractive combat effects, the upcoming battles will bring you many memorable visual experiences.

saint seiya awakening 34

The interface system and landscape of the game are also carefully designed to bring comfort to the player. The interface is designed and arranged scientifically to help players quickly get acquainted with the game. Besides, the diverse landscape system also helps players enjoy battles in a more interesting and not boring way.

Saint Seiya Awakening – Knights of the Zodiac

Many characters to collect and use

By participating in team battles, the manufacturer will design hundreds of different characters for you to collect. You can collect new characters after completing certain game requirements. Besides, each character will be designed with many different fighting skills for you to use. During the battle, characters can use up to four different fighting skills. Each skill will do its damage, and you need to calculate accordingly before activating the skills to achieve the highest combat performance possible.

saint seiya awakening 4

In addition to using characters in many intense battles, players also have to conduct many different upgrades to evolve their characters. The character upgrade will need many stages and items needed to complete. Therefore, you need to use many strategies to upgrade characters scientifically. You can only create a strong battle squad after your characters are carefully upgraded.

Game mode

Similar to many other games, Saint Seiya Awakening will be designed with two basic game modes: storyline and online competition. The storyline battle system will help players collect many attractive items and summon new characters. Besides, fighting according to the storyline also helps new players to get a lot of information related to the characters they are using. From there, help people feel more curious and constantly experience to own more characters.

saint seiya awakening 1

As for online competition, you and many other players will be allowed to participate in many different tournaments. At online tournaments, you will be able to show off your fighting skills and show everyone your strong fighting squad. Online competition mode is also arranged in many different forms of competition. You can join matches freely or matches in the form of Ban and Pick.