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  • Date Updated: August 29, 2019

Since the success of Clash of Clan, various online strategy games have been released. Compared to offline strategy challenges, online challenges will bring more fun to everyone. Besides, online challenges also require players to have agile thinking to develop their cities. Since then, creating a stable management system and competing with many other competitors.

samurai siege alliance wars 2

If you’ve ever explored various online strategy challenges, you won’t be able to skip Samurai Siege: Alliance Wars. It is an attractive strategy game with a familiar gameplay. You will have the opportunity to become one of the various warlords of Japan and you must destroy the competitors to become the only leader of Japan.

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Japanese ruler

Samurai Siege: Alliance Wars for iOS was built with medieval settings in Japan. At this time, Japan is being divided by many different military forces. Each military force is occupying a separate area. Join the game, you will be given a private land in Japan to compete with many other players.

Samurai Siege: Alliance Wars – Battle with Ninjas & Dragons

From the land provided, you must build a city of your own and conquer other opponents. Competing online with multiple competitors at the same time will not be pleasant at all. To survive and develop stably, you need to have smart strategies. Reasonable strategies will help you continuously develop and invade new lands. Are you ready to conquer the whole of Japan and enjoy the immortal spirit of a Samurai?


To bring addictive and engaging strategic challenges to everyone. Space Ape Games producer has prepared an attractive mission and combat system for everyone. From the position of a leader, you will have to build many different structures to create a developed city. The first thing you need to do is to expand the scale of production for economic development and accumulation of resources. The game has prepared many different types of factories for you to build and each factory will bring you its resources to develop.

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Besides the task of stable economic development, you must also build a mighty military force to protect your city and invade other cities. The construction and development of the army will depend on your economic ability. If you have a stable resource, you can quickly build a mighty army. On the contrary, your economic capacity and resources are limited. From there, you will take a long time to own and maintain a stable military force.

samurai siege alliance wars 1

To serve the purpose of fighting and invading the city of other players. Samurai Siege: Alliance Wars has been designed with various types of soldiers for you to use. Each type of soldier will have its characteristics and suitable for many different strategies. In addition to building an army, you also need to use many smart strategies during the fight to defeat the enemy. In addition to invasion, the game also requires you to create a good defense system for your city. Building a good defense system will help you defeat the invasion of other players into your city. From there, you can minimize economic losses and maintain your steady development.