Simple games always bring more fun than complex games. Madbox producer has brought many simple games, and they all received positive reviews from users. Their games are all very simple, creating lots of interesting experiences and do not require players to spend too much time to experience the game. You can comfortably experience on the go and not take much time to control. Sausage Flip is their latest game and was released in early 2019. The game is now available on App Store and Googleplay for people to download.

sausage flip 2

Simple operation

Sausage Flip APK Mod offers an easy challenge; you just need to put Sausage to the required position in the game to win. Touch the screen of the device to determine the appropriate direction of movement. This game does not take much of your time, but it still creates a lot of enjoyable relaxation experiences. Many levels with unique obstacles will make you surprise and love this game more. Experience the game right now, enjoy a lot of lovely images and movements, so you get the most exciting entertainment time.

sausage flip 3

Impressive levels and obstacles

With an easy-to-use control system and unique gameplay, the game is well built with a variety of levels to challenge everyone’s dexterity. Each level is designed with many different obstacles and pitfalls. To complete the level, you need to watch carefully to overcome many obstacles along the way and move to the required position on the map of the game.

Sausage Flip – Can you make it flip and jump?

The obstacles are beautifully arranged and very scientific, creating many unique challenges. The science arrangement helps you have a lot of fun experiences. Also, the obstacles arranged scientifically also help you not feel bored. Many levels to experience correspond to many exciting challenges for you to relax after hard work.

sausage flip 4

Simple gameplay

Sausage Flip for iOS has attractive gameplay and lots of lively moves. Choose the direction of movement accurately and perform many nice acrobatic movements. With many different levels of difficulty, the number of obstacles is so much that you need the perseverance to overcome them. Continuous touch and acrobatics to overcome obstacles, the experience with lots of lively moves will make you happier. With moving obstacles, you need to take advantage of them to overcome different challenges. Not only does it bring a fun experience, but the game also helps you improve your judgment and handle situations when in trouble. This is a challenge to entertain and improve logical thinking that you should not ignore.

sausage flip 1


The manufacturer has built a nice 2D graphics system and simple horizontal motion to match the gameplay. Although it does not possess an outstanding image quality, the game still creates comfort for users. The obstacles are designed with a variety of shapes to create a novelty for the game.


Sausage Flip has a fun and simple gameplay that suits the gentle entertainment needs of many players today. You can experience with your friends to share many interesting stories while relaxing and get help when experiencing complex levels.