• Publisher:
  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 68 MB
  • Date Updated: January 28, 2019

You need to experience crazy challenges and a scary sound effect, you should enjoy the products released by 111%. This manufacturer always surprised people with products with easy-to-understand content and impressive challenges. In addition to these crazy challenges, you will be surprised with a scary sound system to every syllable. And the game has a lot of scary activities getting a lot of good reviews from the user is School Alone. You have to overcome many different puzzles and challenges in this game to find the exit of a scary school. Discover dramatic and authentic images, complete challenges and escape quickly to win.

school alone 4

Overcome fear to become a survivor

In this school, there is a very dark secret. You are stuck in the school, and you are alone. Having to move in a complex condition will make the experience more exciting. Face a series of puzzles, and you need to quickly overcome them to survive.

school alone 1

Scary space

School Alone for iOS is prepared by the manufacturer in a scary setting and will startle you with many different images. When experiencing the game, players must move in the dark and have very little light to see the surrounding space. Moving in a dark space and lack of light is a challenging experience for everyone. On the move, you encounter many different challenges. Completing these challenges will help you discover new paths. Overcoming many challenges and exploring different paths to find the way out of the school.

School Alone for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Overcoming fear

To overcome the many challenges of the game, you need to use headphones. Experience many different sounds and complete the puzzles that you are assigned. The game is designed with an impressive challenge system arranged around the school. Each challenge will bring different images and activities. You will not be bored when the challenge system is scientifically arranged and requires high concentration. You must focus and think logically correctly to overcome unique challenges.

school alone 2

Complete puzzles to discover the dark mysteries of this scary school. Move smart and remember the paths used before. Finding hidden targets around the school, these goals will help you find a way out quickly. Ready with scary sound challenges, these challenges are even more complex than normal puzzles. If you have a poor spirit and don’t tolerate much pressure from sound, the audio challenge is really hard to overcome. Prepare a strong spirit to witness many horror images and listen to creepy sounds.

school alone 3

Final evaluation

School Alone is a horror and addictive challenge for you to experience alone. The game is limited to low ages and requires adult supervision. Realistic images and simple control systems make it easier to experience. Many puzzles are complicated and require players to calm down to overcome. An impressive combination of horror images and scary sounds gives you the most exciting challenges.