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How to train Dragon is a famous animated film of Dreamworks. This movie received a lot of attention from people and was produced in 3 different parts. From the success of the film, JumpStart Games producer has built a game with similar content. And you will have the opportunity to become a professional dragon trainer. Their game is called School of Dragons, and the challenges of the game will be prepared in RPG style. Are you ready to own a dragon for yourself and comfortably conquer the sky?

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School of Dragons APK Mod will bring people to the familiar Berk country of Viking warriors. Here, you have the opportunity to meet celebrities such as Astrid, Stoick, Hiccup, and some other characters. You are a citizen of Berk country, and you must become a dragon trainer. You will have to overcome many different missions to be able to own a dragon for yourself and use them in many different battles.

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Beautiful creatures

The dragon is thought to be a destructive and dangerous creature in European culture. However, Berk country has changed and accepted dragons in their lives. Every resident of Berk is allowed to own and take care of a dragon. This game currently owns more than 60 different dragons, and each dragon has its unique characteristics to explore.

School of Dragons – Be the Ultimate Dragon Trainer

Unique gameplay

With RPG challenges, you will start the game by creating a character of your own. After completing the character creation, you will receive basic instructions from Astrid and Hiccup. The basic instructions will help you get used to controlling a dragon. Complete the basic instructions; you will collect a dragon for yourself. After that, you can name it and choose your favorite colors for your dragon.

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After obtaining a dragon, you must take care of and train it. You need the courage to be able to stay by your dragon and make it trust you. The training of dragons is simple, but you need the perseverance to complete this task. The training of dragons will take place in many different stages, and the stage will provide you with specific tasks to perform. Completing these missions will help control the dragon better and be ready for new challenges.

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More than 30 tasks from the simple to complex are waiting for you to complete. These missions also help you evolve your dragon and make it stronger. Besides taking care of the dragon you own, you are also allowed to participate in the creation of new dragons. Pair your dragon and create more powerful dragons. Also, the game also provides some special training tasks for you to join. Sending your dragon to participate in these missions will help you get many rare rewards and help upgrade the dragon quickly.


School of Dragons possesses a system of gentle and not too complicated gameplay. From there, you and everyone can easily entertain anywhere. The missions of the game are based on different stories in How to train Dragon. From there, help people get more exciting adventure journeys.