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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 8.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 25 MB
  • Date Updated: March 26, 2019

If you want to explore endless running and jumping experiences, Scream Go Hero will make your love with completely unique gameplay. Instead of using the classic control system, the player will use the voice to control the character and overcome the prepared challenges ahead. This unique game is built by Ketchapp, and it has now been released on App Store.

scream go hero 2

Unique controls

With endless challenges, you must use a control system to help the character move through challenges. To control the character through challenges, you need to touch the screen of the device. With Scream Go Hero for iOS, players will discover a completely new and unique control system. Instead of touching the screen of the device, you will use the voice to control the character.

scream go hero 3

To help the character complete the challenges, you need to turn on the microphone system when participating in the challenge. For the character to move, you need to speak small. And to jump over obstacles, you need to shout to jump. Note, with voice control; you need to avoid experiencing in crowded places to avoid disturbing others. In particular, you should not participate in the experience of this game while in the library or places that require quietness.

Two fun game modes

This exciting challenge is prepared with two separate modes to challenge your voice. These two modes include Endless Mode and Level Mode, each of which offers its challenges and creates a lot of fun for you. When you experience Endless Mode, you will be able to participate in endless running and jumping challenges. Each trap that you overcome will help you get certain scores. Overcoming more and more pitfalls, the more impressive scores you get. Challenges only stop when you are unable to overcome the pitfalls and fall into the pool.

scream go hero 4

For Level Mode mode, the challenge will be designed with different levels, and you are allowed to experience each level in turn. To participate in new levels, you need to complete challenges at the current levels. Each level is prepared with its pitfalls and obstacles that bring many fascinating challenges.


Many characters to collect and use

In addition to exploring the voice control system, you also have the opportunity to unlock and use many different characters in 2 fun game modes of the game. These characters are built with many different costumes, promising to bring a lot of fun entertainment images for you. Each character is prepared with their unique costumes and colors that create a lot of excitement when experiencing. Note, each character will have their requirements to unlock. Try to join the challenge continuously and collect unique rewards to unlock new characters.

scream go hero 5

Simple images

Scream Go Hero APK Mod brings a simple visual system with little-used colors but well coordinated with themes and gameplay. The word helps create more fun experiences for you. Highlights in the imaging system are challenges designed and arranged scientifically. Uniquely arranged obstacles and pitfalls bring many fascinating and addictive challenges for everyone.

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Are you ready?

Scream Go Hero is a new and unique challenge of Ketchapp that you should not ignore. The game will be more interesting when you join or compete with your friends. Fun challenges with unique controls will help you get more fun memories and never get bored.