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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 9.0 or later
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  • File size: 1.6 GB
  • Date Updated: July 19, 2019

The universe is a vast and mysterious space for humanity to explore. From the mystery of the universe, many journeys to discover new planets have been opened. Besides, the topics of conquest and exploration of the universe also bring many interesting challenges for everyone. Since then, it has stimulated people’s curiosity. If you’ve ever enjoyed movies or stories about cosmic conquests, you will surely have a lot of excitement and desire to explore the vast universe.

Second Galaxy 2

From people’s entertainment and curiosity needs, ZlongGames producer built and developed a unique game related to the theme of cosmic conquest. It is called Second Galaxy, and you have the opportunity to own your space battleships to conquer new spaces.

Our universe

Second Galaxy APK Mod will give you interesting challenges; it is successfully combined with two elements RPG and SLG. With these two elements, you have the opportunity to explore an attractive universe right on your device. With nearly 5000 different planets for you to conquer, this game will bring many interesting adventure journeys that you can not ignore.

Second Galaxy 3

Impressive cosmic warfare

To bring exciting battles and adventures, the manufacturer has prepared four different alliances for everyone. Before starting the game experience, you will have to create the character and select the alliance you want to serve. The four alliances you are allowed to participate in our Oracle Emprise, Neo Europa Federation, Economic Community of Dawn and Republic of Svarus. After selecting the alliance, you will conduct a career choice. Carrer system is divided into four types: Explorer, Engineer, Soldiers, and Scientist. Each career will give you different positions on the battleship. Choose your alliance and favorite career to enjoy the fun challenges of the game.

Second Galaxy – Open World MMO SciFi Adventure

Dominate the whole universe

Second Galaxy is the story of a new cosmic battle among alliances. The vast universe brings many different resources for human development. However, each coalition desires to own more resources than its competitors. Since then, cosmic war has erupted, and more than 150 different types of battleships are waiting for you to use in combat. Each battleship will own a different weapon and defense system for you to explore. In addition to using the existing battleship’s weapons and defense systems, you can also upgrade them with a variety of systems and technologies. Try to overcome many crazy challenges required to be able to unlock many new technologies and upgrade your battleships.

Second Galaxy 4

Mission systems and enemies for you to fight in the game are prepared in a variety of ways. With many different enemies, you will enjoy many complete and beautiful battles outside the universe. Control system consists of many different virtual keys for you to control and activate weapons on your battleship. Each weapon or defense system is activated; they need recovery time to continue using. From there, you need to observe and capture the number of enemies you are fighting to use the weapon system appropriately. The battlefield in outer space is dangerous, and there will be no obstacles to hide. Therefore, you only have two options to fight or to be destroyed.