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  • Platforms: Android 4.4 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 37 MB
  • Date Updated: July 9, 2019

With the strong development of graphics technologies on mobile devices. Now mobile devices can integrate and bring high-quality 3D images for everyone to enjoy. Besides games with attractive and smooth 3D graphics, 2D graphics are still frequently used by manufacturers to provide people with compelling classic challenges.

shadow stickman fight for justice 2

Referring to 2D graphics and classic fighting images, we cannot ignore the stickman genre. It is an interesting and well-known genre. First, it is popular on simple games of the PC platform. After that, it was widely released on many mobile platforms. If you are a fan of stickman challenges, Shadow Stickman: Fight for Justice is the most exciting and relevant game at the moment for you to experience. It will bring you many beautiful fighting images and epic battles.

shadow stickman fight for justice 3

Simple and attractive

Shadow Stickman: Fight for Justice for iOS is built and developed based on a simple fighting style. You will face many different enemies and monsters. Your mission is to survive the end of the battle and defeat all enemies present on the map due to fighting with multiple enemies at once and each enemy possessing their fighting skills. You need to have flexible moves to ensure your safety and destroy the enemies. Fierce battles and many exciting upgrades are waiting for you in the game. Try to fight the courage to defeat the evil forces and protect the world.

Shadow Stickman: Fight for Justice for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Defeat monsters

Monsters and evil forces are seeking to invade the world of humankind. You are responsible for enforcing justice and protecting the peace for the human world. Monsters and enemies will try to attack you constantly in matches. Each match you join will take place in different waves. Besides, each wave will offer its own battle time, and you must try to survive the required time.

shadow stickman fight for justice 4

In each wave, monsters and enemies will appear continuously. So you need to destroy them all to complete the challenge. To move the character and avoid the enemy attack, you will use two virtual keys on the left side of the device’s screen. These two virtual keys will help you move to the left or right. If you want to jump into the air, please use a virtual key to the right of the device’s screen.

To destroy monsters and enemies, you are provided with a basic attack skill and four special attack skills. At the beginning of the game, you are only allowed to use two special skills, and you need to upgrade the character to unlock two new skills. Each monster and enemy will have different strengths and HP numbers. Therefore, you must be skillful in moving and combining attack skills in a harmonious way to survive on the battlefield.

shadow stickman fight for justice 1

In addition to fighting evil forces, you also need to accumulate bonuses and equip different items for the character. The game will prepare three other weapons systems for you to explore including sword, hammer, and spear. Besides personal weapons, you have to buy and use many different character items. Items that need to be equipped to improve survivability include armor, gloves, thickening, hats, caps, and necklaces. Each item will help improve different indicators for the character. Therefore, you need to try to equip the character fully before joining the fight.