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  • Date Updated: May 27, 2019

In the current game market, there are manufacturers who regularly release and develop different games on both platforms, PC and mobile. In it, Gaijin Entertainment is a name that is familiar to many people, and they have many famous products. On the PC platform, they are gaining a lot of success with War Thunder. As for mobile platforms, they have two prominent names: War Conflict and Modern Conflict. In addition to two popular products, they also received good reviews with Shadows of Kurgansk. This is a newly released addictive survival game recently. If you want to explore a dead world and enjoy harsh survival challenges, this game is an appropriate choice to experience.

shadows of kurgansk 2

End of humanity

Shadows of Kurgansk APK Mod continues to exploit the topic of familiarity to everyone as the post-apocalyptic world. After thousands of years of development, the human world has now been destroyed by a dangerous disease. This disease has turned people into dangerous predators; infected people are called zombies. The zombies attacked major cities and crowded places. Very few people survived this crazy pandemic; you are a lucky person who is not infected. Your mission is to survive in this terrible and dangerous world. In addition to trying to survive, you must search for safe locations and places where many ordinary people live.

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First person and realistic graphics

The game will give you the first perspective to make your experiences more vivid. To match the context of the game, the manufacturer has designed and used a variety of dark colors to bring the most realistic images to the player. With dark colors, your survival battle will be more attractive, and you will get more thrilled when you have to live in a dangerous world.

Shadows of Kurgansk – BEST OF SURVIVAL GAMES


In this crazy survival challenge, you will have to do many different jobs to ensure your life. You need to move continuously to collect many different objects. Items that are successfully collected will help you craft the necessary tools for securing life. There are many different tools to use, each with its functions. The more tools you own, the higher your survivability. Besides collecting tools on the go, you also need to explore new places. With new locations, you will find many useful and rare objects. It is important to discover new places; it will ensure your life when the old places are no longer safe.

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To survive, you need to accumulate food and drinking water. You can hunt wild animals for meat or find food in old houses. In addition to gathering food and exploring many mysterious locations, players also need to build safe bases to shelter at night. Note, avoid going out at night because this is a dangerous time, and zombies are usually active during this period. In particular, you can only protect yourself when successfully building weapons. The weapon system of the game is very diverse, try to gather all the necessary items to create good weapons and protect yourself from many dangers.