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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 9.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 505 MB
  • Date Updated: August 20, 2019

Ancient stories always make people curious and want to discover hidden secrets. Are you looking for an ancient story to explore and conquer? Let Shikigami: Myth take you to the world of immortal spirits and discover fierce battles. This unique game is built with a team battle mode that allows you to collect and use many different beautiful characters. Besides, it also possesses an attractive plot system with many unique adventure journeys for you to conquer.

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To survive, the world is created by two factors, time and space. These two factors always exist and do not interfere with each other to maintain stability for the world. However, evil forces have sought and implemented many different ways to destroy this stability. In it, Yamata No Orochi unclean spirit used evil spells and caused destruction to the world. To protect the world, the chosen people were summoned. These people are allowed to use Shikigami to defeat evil forces. Come to Shikigami: Myth for iOS, you are the chosen one, and the journey to protect the spirit world awaits you.

Combat system

As mentioned above, you will discover team battles and games that allow you to own many different characters. Your battle team is allowed to use up to five different characters. Team battles require players to capture the power of each character and create wise strategies when fighting enemies.

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Also, each character will have a unique feature system for you to explore if you choose and create a good fighting squad. You can quickly overcome many different challenges of the game. However, the journey to create a strong fighting group is not simple. You will have to summon and upgrade characters continuously. Besides, you also need to search and equip many important items for each character you are using. More than 100 characters with impressive powers are waiting for you to discover.

Development process

Challenging team battles will bring a variety of tasks to challenge the player’s management ability. With the task of summoning and developing characters, you need wise plans to create a strong battle squad. Characters with their power system will be arranged in different rankings. In particular, the strength and rarity of each character will be determined by the number of stars that the character possesses. For example, characters with three or four stars are normal and popular characters (easy to collect). Conversely, characters possessing five or six stars are impressive and rare characters (difficult to collect).

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Each completed mission or challenge will help you level up the character. Therefore, you must fight constantly and win many different victories. Team fights also require reasonable management plans to develop each character equally. Shikigami: Myth will give you many challenges to complete, and you can take part in daily challenges to get some special items. Overall, the gameplay system is relatively easy to understand, and you won’t need to spend much time getting used to it.