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  • Date Updated: May 23, 2018

Have you ever seen such pirate movies as Pirates of the Caribbean? The skilful captains and their crew created a golden age of pirates. Today, we will introduce you to a unique style of adventure and strategy game called Ships of Battle: Age of Pirates, a game released by developer Artik Games. Players will be back in the era of pirates, joining the big battle with the navy and other pirates to usurp trophies. A large ocean awaits players to explore. With unique gameplay and beautifully designed graphics, the game promises to bring the most exciting and unique experience for the player. Let’s learn about Ships of Battle: Age of Pirates Mod Free Shopping

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Become a talented captain

When participating in Ships of Battle: Age of Pirates Mod Money, the player will be a talented captain. The mission of the player is to make their journey on the sea, destroy the forces that prevent and gain many trophies. Initially, the player will own an island; you will develop this island become the destination of many other pirates.

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Different works will help players collect more money and resources to provide to the sailor. Then you will make the journey on the sea to steal the trophies from other boats. The map of the game is very large; players will be overwhelmed by the vast and varied terrain of this map.

With many different islands and strange boats moving on the sea will be your attack target. Players touch the map of the game to control the location to move to your boat.

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When the battle begins, the game will change to a third view for the player to have the best experience. You use the virtual key at the bottom left of the screen to control the direction of the boat. You control the boat to perform an attack and select different weapons with the virtual keys at the bottom right corner of the screen. With a highly intuitive control system, players can easily adapt and control their boat in a short time.

Ships of Battle: Age of Pirates – Gameplay

The mission system of the game is varied, with many different missions. Players will have many challenges to overcome in the game. The difficulty level of the quest will increase gradually; players will have to upgrade their boat to be able to complete difficult tasks more easily. The game will have a lot of options for players to upgrade their boat. You will have greater power with upgraded equipment. The game has many other unique features waiting for players to explore and experience.

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Graphic design

Ships of Battle: Age of Pirates for iOS own 3D graphics design is very beautiful and impressive. Players will feel the vastness of the sea, the islands, and the various lands to be explored. The graphic design of the game is highly appreciated by players, making it easy for them to get the most out of the game and have fun with the explosive effects of battles in the sea. The theme of the game is classic; players will feel more excited.

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Ships of Battle: Age of Pirates will be a pirate game that you can not ignore. With unique and varied gameplay, the system is visually designed, with a variety of tasks and functions, impressive graphics and sound. Players will have the best experience of the pirate that this game brings. You can download the game using the link at the bottom of the article to save maximum Internet traffic.