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  • Date Updated: September 21, 2019

In the process of development, humanity has conquered the sky thanks to the unique inventions of Wright brothers. After that, humans continued their mission to conquer the sky with many new types of aircraft. With the idea of ​​continuous development and no limit, the human race began to conquer the universe during the cold war between the US and the Soviet Union. With large technical background and impressive development of space technology. Humans have been able to leave Earth and discover new planets.

SimpleRockets 2 2

If you want to explore space technologies and want to control your spaceship to explore new planets? Come to SimpleRockets 2 – an attractive simulation game produced by Jundroo, LLC. With unique simulation challenges, players will be free to design and build many different spacecraft to conquer the solar system.

SimpleRockets 2 3

Fabrication of spacecraft

You will enjoy the stages of designing and building your spaceship when participating in SimpleRockets 2 for iOS. To help players freely create and explore many fascinating space technologies. Manufacturers have prepared many different directories for players to explore. Each directory will correspond to a certain part in a spaceship. From the directories provided, you have to select many different parts to create a complete ship. Also, you participate in the control of your spacecraft to fly off the Earth and conquer new planets.

SimpleRockets 2 – Build and fly rockets & planes

Impressive experience

To build a complete and stable spacecraft. Players will have to be persistent and choose a variety of components from the directories provided. Your spacecraft can only function properly after fully assembling the required components. If you have not assembled completely, your spacecraft will not work.

After successful manufacture of spacecraft. You will be taken to the launch site to begin the mission to conquer the solar system. From the interfaces that the game provides, you have the task of skilful control to your spacecraft to operate stably and avoid dangerous accidents. If the control is not good, your spacecraft may explode in the air.

SimpleRockets 2 4

Successfully launched the spacecraft and moved out of Earth’s atmosphere. Your spacecraft will begin to separate the engines used during the launch into the air. And remove the outer heat-resistant outer shell to open up space flight equipment. With these flying devices, you have to travel through many different distances to reach the desired location. You can land on the moon, Saturn, Mars and many other planets. If your targets are too far away from the Earth, you will need intelligent control to reach the desired planet.

SimpleRockets 2 1


SimpleRockets 2 is a not too complicated game and helps players gain fascinating knowledge of space travel. With vivid image details and beautiful movement, players will have many interesting and authentic experiences.