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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 100 MB
  • Date Updated: January 29, 2019

To provide players with a lot of interesting experiences and improve the quality of the product. Many manufacturers today often develop games with diverse gameplay and attractive challenges. Current products are developed and built on two immersive or strategic topics. Both of these topics receive worldwide attention. You used to think of experiencing a product that has a combination of two elements, role-playing and strategy. If you want to discover that unique experience, you should join Sins Raid. This fascinating game is produced by Cube Magic Interactive. And it is uniquely designed to provide 2 strategic and immersive addictive elements.

Sins Raid 2

Journey to protect the world

Sins Raid for iOS is built with a fascinating story about a peaceful world and protected by gods. However, peace is threatened by evil forces that want to destroy the world. To maintain balance for the world, the gods have chosen many powerful heroes to fight and protect humanity. You will be collected and used many different characters to fulfil the mission of protecting humanity. Destroy evil forces and ensure peace for the world.

Sins Raid 3


The manufacturer offers an intuitive control system that makes your experience simpler. You will use the built-in virtual keys in the game to fight and control characters. The most interesting thing when you experience is that you can control up to 3 characters when fighting. With the ability to control three characters, when moving, you need to look around and use combat skills in a scientific way. Moving wisely and using good combat skills will make your enemies take a great deal of damage.

Sins Raid 4

Character system

With a compelling storyline and intense battles ahead, the manufacturer has designed over 50 different characters for people to appreciate and experience. Each character will be designed with a unique fighting style and many impressive skills for you to explore. With over 50 characters, the game will split into five different character classes. Each character class has its advantages and disadvantages; you need to know the information of the characters before using. You will have the opportunity to experience five character classes: Melee, Healer, Tank, Sorcerer and Range.

Sins Raid for Android/iOS – Gameplay

With a diverse character system, you have the opportunity to experience many interesting features such as upgrading characters, unlocking combat skills, evolving and combining with GEM. You need to participate in many missions and activities of the game to get lots of bonuses, experience points and items needed to evolve. Develop characters continuously to create powerful warriors and fulfil well the responsibility of protecting humanity.


Sins Raid APK Mod has high image quality and stable movement. Sophisticated built-in colour system and interface provide many beautiful images for users. Many different battle maps bring many unique experiences. Owning many battle maps helps players become more excited and does not create a boring feeling when having to experience a map many times. Beautiful combat skills with lots of attractive details create an impressive picture right on your device.

Sins Raid 1


Sins Raid brings the familiar MOBA experience but will make you love with many challenges and pitfalls. The ability to control three characters when experiencing will make a more interesting battle when on the battlefield will appear up to 15 different characters. Enjoy an impressive fighting space with many different characters; you should join your friends to get many surprises.