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  • Date Updated: June 16, 2019

If you love adventure sports like climbing sport or skateboarding, Sleepy Z Studios Pty Ltd is a manufacturer that suits you. They have released several exciting adventure sports games and gained a lot of success in the mobile game market. Among their famous games, Ski Safari is the most successful name. And after the success of the first version, they released a new version of Ski Safari 2. Currently, it is one of the famous applications in 17 countries around the world and promises to provide many interesting experiences for everyone.

Ski Safari 2 2

Extreme sports

Join Ski Safari 2 APK Mod; you will enjoy crazy and exciting adventures together with two lovely characters of the game. You are accompanied by confident Sven or brave Evana. These two characters will bring unique ski missions, and you need to have clever control to create many outstanding achievements. You can ski with many different tools, and each tool will bring many attractive images to relax.

Ski Safari 2 3

Experience the game

The challenges that you participate in are taking place in many different locations and topics. You will have to ski through many complex terrains to create high scores. The farther you move, the more good points you will make. And on the way, there are many rewards for you to collect. Besides, the manufacturer also prepares many different assistive devices for you to move further and achieve many impressive achievements.

Ski Safari 2 – Epic endless downhill escapade

Besides the unique rewards and support tools, there are many obstacles to prevent you from creating new achievements. The obstacles will appear continuously in many different locations along the way. They are responsible for reducing your movement speed and making you unable to perform ski skills. When moving, you need to pay attention to the map and overcome obstacles. Note, there is a support tool that can help you destroy obstacles. And some assistive tools can disappear when colliding with obstacles along the way. Therefore, you must be careful in manipulating and observing the terrain.

Ski Safari 2 4

To challenge your smart control, you will be able to take part in challenges in various maps. Each map will have its terrain; you can explore Jurassic Lark or Penguin Peaks. In particular, each map will have its environment for you to enjoy. For example, Jurassic Lark possesses a dangerous and hot lava environment. Or Penguin Peaks will bring you the coldness of high and dangerous ice mountains. Each map in the game has its fun to explore, complete many different missions to unlock new maps.

Upgrade and compete online

In addition to joining a fun ski challenge, you can also buy and use a variety of different skateboards in the store. The store system is very diverse, with many types of skis and beautiful colors for you to use. You can use snowboards after unlocking them. Each ski will have its characteristics to explore when using.

Ski Safari 2 1

Coming to Ski Safari 2, you and everyone will be involved in online races. With Versus, you will be randomly arranged with other players in the world to compete together. With this mode, you can join your friends or family to have more fun time. Note, your device needs to be connected to the internet to explore this mode.