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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 10.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 22 MB
  • Date Updated: March 15, 2019

Do you love skiing? Do you want to explore and be comfortable skiing for many different times of the year? The answer to you will be in Ski Station. The game was released by Green Panda Games in recent times. You have the opportunity to become the manager of the ski station. With the responsibility of a manager, you need to maintain and develop the business of the ski station. Make people regular to your ski station for entertainment and rest in all seasons of the year. With gentle gameplay with lots of funny pictures, this is a suitable game to relax in your spare time.

ski station 5

New simulation game

Ski Station for iOS will provide the most authentic and unique management challenges for you to experience. To do that, you must have a smart business strategy and customer management. Develop scientific development plans to be able to open many ski stations in many different countries around the world.

ski station 4

Perform the work of a manager

Players begin the task of managing at a ski station in the United States. Here you will start with a small number of customers. And you need to create comfort and best service for customers. Each customer participating in the service at the ski station helps you receive gold coins. The more people you use, the more bonuses you will collect.

ski station 2

With a small number of customers using the service at the beginning of the game, you need to try to accumulate bonuses to upgrade the ski station. To develop, you will need to upgrade the following three elements: price, lift speed and skier. In it, the skier is the item you need to pay attention to because it helps you get more customers and help you collect more bonuses.

For your ski station to grow well, you need to upgrade these three elements scientifically. Upgrading to a good plan will help you get a lot of customers and create stable growth. When meeting the requirements of the game, you can unlock the slope.

Many attractive places

In addition to managing and developing ski stations in the United States. Players can also expand their business to many different countries. After meeting the requirements of the game, you can open new ski stations in many different countries. It is interesting that each country will have its characteristics of the terrain, thereby creating many new ski styles.

Ski Station for Android/iOS – Gameplay

For example, you can open ski stations in Israel or Austria. In Israel, you can enjoy the desert skiing pictures with many cacti. Or The ski stations in Austria offer interesting skiing pictures on beautiful hills. A variety of different locations are waiting for you to explore ahead. Use your smart management skills to create many ski stations around the world.

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Simple graphics

Ski Station brings images designed simple but very beautiful. The graphics of the game are well built to bring vivid images of a ski station to players. Moreover, you can explore many different landscapes in many countries around the world. The colours used in the game have a harmonious combination with gameplay that creates a lot of exciting experiences for you.

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Also, with a simple and fun design, the game owns a very compact size (22 MB). Therefore, you can comfortably experience and set up on many devices to relax.