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  • Platforms: Android 6.0 or later iOS 8.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 74 MB
  • Date Updated: September 2, 2019

With simple tasks and lots of fun, Slices is an exciting game that everyone has to experience in their free time. It is an addictive puzzle game and is built with many different levels for people to explore constantly. Currently, this game is released by Good Job Games and has more than 10 million downloads from Googleplay. This is a well-known producer for light but no less exciting games and creates compelling entertainment times for everyone.

slices 1

Gentle experience for everyone

With the aim of bringing light experiences and suitable for today’s busy lifestyle. Good Job Games has prepared for this game many unique missions and a simple control system. Due to its easy-to-understand design, Slices for iOS allow players to freely explore anywhere and do not require a lot of complicated operations. Also, challenges take place at a fast pace that helps people easily balance their leisure time and work reasonably.

Slices – Most relaxing game ever!

The unique arrangement challenges

To match the gameplay, the manufacturer has prepared a simple interface system, and people need to touch the screen to perform streamlined operations. In the interface, seven circles with the same diameter were prepared with one circle in the center and the remaining six circles arranged around. From there, you are tasked with using the pieces provided from the center circle to arrange and create a complete slice of fruit on top of the six surrounding circles.

slices 2

The pieces you are given are pieces of fruit that have been cut into different sizes. Therefore, you must calculate reasonably to arrange the pieces and create a beautiful slice of fruit. These unique challenges will be prepared for each different level, and each level will bring you an attractive fruit with many interesting colors to arrange. Note that these challenges will have limited moves, and you need to avoid using all your moves to complete the task.

Simple but it takes ingenuity to overcome

Despite the simple task, the interesting placement challenges require people to have a reasonable arrangement and careful calculations to complete the challenge. The pieces will be provided continuously for you to arrange. With six positions arranged around the center circle, you must pay attention to observing and assembling smartly to create a complete slice of fruit in the shortest time. Completing each nice slice of fruit will help you get additional bonus points and increase the number of moves to pass the required level.

slices 4

With dozens of different levels to explore, players have to think constantly and quickly to be able to complete the task. The higher the level, the pieces provided will be duplicated continuously and must be skillfully handled to be able to create a complete slice of fruit. Slices have task systems that aren’t too complicated. But to overcome the system of diverse levels of the game, you are not allowed to be subjective and make unscientific arrangements.