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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 9.0 or later
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  • File size: 56 MB
  • Date Updated: August 2, 2019

In addition to simple content, fast-paced games are a suitable option for people to relax in limited rest periods. With fast-paced challenges, players will not need to spend too much time to experience. From there, players can balance the time to relax and work. Therefore, the best and most interesting option for you to discover when you are free with fast-paced is Smashy Duo. It is a game with simple and gentle control elements; you will surely get much fun with the unique challenge of this game.

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The plot is easy to understand

In keeping with the simple gameplay, Smashy Duo APK Mod is built with a relatively easy-to-understand plot. Your town is being attacked by a zombie epidemic, and they are trying to destroy your homeland. Before this intense scene, you have the task of summoning and using various heroes to prevent the onslaught of crazy zombies. Destroying a zombie will help you protect a town citizen and help prevent the spread of this dangerous disease.

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Join the game, you will feel like playing table tennis alone. You are allowed to collect and use various characters to complete the challenge. Each time you join the challenge will allow you to use two characters at the same time. Challenges will take place on a vertical screen, and each character will control one side of the screen. In it, the zombies will occupy the position at the top of the screen, and your characters will control the lower part of the screen. These two areas are separated by a concrete wall, and a led box works to calculate points.

Smashy Duo – Double the fun of smashing

To kill zombies, you have to touch the screen to the left or right. Each wise control operation will help you kill zombies quickly. If you want to destroy a lot of zombies, you must have stable and precise controls. If you manipulate slowly, your character will have slow reflexes, and the challenge will stop. Each zombie destroyed will be counted for one point, and the game also prepares many different unique skills that allow you to destroy many zombies at once.

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Not only does it provide fun tasks, but the manufacturer also builds dozens of different characters for players to collect. If you want to summon and use new characters, you need to accumulate enough money that the game requires. Each summons of the character will require a certain amount of money to perform. In addition to destroying zombies to collect bonuses, you can also watch some ads or unlock unique rewards after completing a new challenge.

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Smashy Duo is a good choice for players who don’t have complex requirements for gameplay systems and image quality. Simple challenges and fast-paced matches allow people to easily relax anywhere. Besides, supporting characters and items can be easily collected using bonuses to unlock. From there, players will feel more comfortable and not pressured by the pay for win problem.