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  • Platforms: Android 4.4 or later iOS 9.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 50 MB
  • Date Updated: April 11, 2019

For players who love light and addictive experiences, products from VOODOO are always the first choice of people around the world. And recently, they revived a myth of mobile games. Their new game is called!. Instead of gentle and classic gameplay, you will discover unique gameplay and be played online. You can relax and enjoy many interesting entertainment photos with many players in the world. The online competition helps you get more excited and relaxed emotions. This simple and familiar game will make you satisfied with the unique creation of VOODOO.

snaker io 5

A unique version of the legendary game

Snakes is a familiar game for everyone, the challenge of the game is very simple, and you can experience it continuously without getting bored. Based on Snake and changed with many new details,! for iOS promises to bring more fun challenges and the best leisure time for everyone. Besides the task of accumulating a lot of scores and creating outstanding achievements, you must be the longest survivor in the game to win.

snaker io 4

Interesting images

Besides unique gameplay, the manufacturer also prepares a stable image system for you to relax and explore. The game has attractive pixel graphics and many different types of snakes for you to collect. In addition to snakes designed with colors and images based on reality, there are many types of snakes that are very nicely designed for you to experience. Wide and simple map system will help you focus when participating in challenges and constantly moving to compete for more fun.

snaker io 3

How to create good achievements! APK Mod will prepare you for a unique arena for you to compete with many others. In the game map, you will meet and compete continuously until you are destroyed by other players. On the map will appear many players and yellow points for you to collect. Each yellow point collected will help you get the score, and your snake will be long out. Note, the larger and brighter the yellow point is, the more points there are. Therefore, you must try to collect these golden points to quickly develop and get a high score. ! – Battle the snakes !

When you join the challenge, you collect a lot of gold points and own high scores; you have the opportunity to unlock many new snakes. Each snake type will be unlocked when you accumulate enough points that the game requires. Some of the unique snakes you’ll be exploring include Coral Snake, Dragon Snaky, Salt Snake, Train Snake, and many others.

snaker io 1

To create good achievements, your task is to survive the longest and collect many gold points. To control snakes and collect gold points, you just need to touch and hold to control the snake. Move your finger continuously on the screen to select directions and collect more gold points on the map. Besides collecting gold points, you can also destroy other competitors. To eliminate the opponent, you need to control the snake intelligently and make the enemy stab your snake’s body. After the opponents are destroyed, at that location will appear many golden points with large size and light for you to collect. Try to survive as long as possible and eliminate many opponents.