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  • Platforms: Android 4.0 or later
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  • Date Updated: August 7, 2018

Soldiers are a hot topic for game makers to exploit. There are many people who want to be a true soldier, but they are not capable of doing this dangerous job. The task force will face many difficulties such as terrorism, war and even aliens. They will have to fight the mighty enemies without any help. Sniper Extinction from Barnlek AB will help players realize their dreams. You will become a true soldier in this game; you will face the enemy is the force outside the vast universe. Can you defend the earth and defeat the aliens?

sniper extinction 2

Dangerous task

Entering the game, the player becomes a special soldier. You will have to carry out the orders that your commanders give you. The game is divided into different difficulty levels for the player to pass. Each level of difficulty gives players a distinct new experience. Your enemies will be a mysterious force coming from the vast cosmic side, who are working on a secret plan to invade Earth. You will have to defeat all the targets and complete the tasks that your superiors give to complete the level of difficulty. Your best friend will be a sniper rifle; you will use your gun to destroy all the targets shown on the screen of the device. In higher difficulty levels, players will face a variety of modern weapons such as tanks and robots. So your sniper rifle will not harm your targets. Do not worry; the game will give you more powerful weapons such as AC-130s or tanks. With more modern weapons, you can easily fight enemies and cause them to fear. The game has over 131 different difficulty levels waiting for the player to experience and explore.

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Upgrade your weapon

To face stronger enemies, you will need more powerful weapons. The game will give you a lot of bonuses after you complete the difficulty level, you can use the bonus to buy new weapons in the game store. With modern and powerful weapons, you can easily defeat enemies.

Sniper Extinction (By Barnlek AB) Android iOS Gameplay

True graphics

Sniper Extinction APK Mod uses state-of-the-art graphics technologies to give players the most realistic experience possible. With crisp 3D graphics, all the different details will be displayed clearly on the screen of the device. Weather effects and effects of the weapons are simulated like in real life. The sound of the game is also very clear for players to have a more authentic experience.

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The simplest way to download Sniper Extinction

If you are looking for a perfect FPS game, then Sniper Extinction will be a good choice. Currently, the game is in beta; please contribute your feedback to the developer so that this game is the most complete in the official release. You can download the game more easily using the link at the bottom of the article.