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  • Platforms: Android 4.0.3 or later iOS 8.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 18 MB
  • Date Updated: December 14, 2018

Soccer is a sport that people are interested in and never considered boring. If you are familiar with football and now you want to experience a new sport and more attractive. Experience Soccer Striker King and explore the unique features of this sport. This is a completely new sport with surprising content and promised to bring a lot of fun and mischievous experience.

soccer striker king 1

New content

In Soccer Striker King for iOS, instead of the usual football experience, everyone will get a whole new experience and be called shoot the ball. You will experience shoot the ball instead of the usual kick the ball. You will shoot the ball with a simple finger control right on the screen of the device. If you have been bored with the “A.I” mode, you can join online matches to compete with other players.

soccer striker king 2

Competitive activity

With the online element, you will be randomly arranged to compete with many other players around the globe. You and the other players will have to do the “shoot the ball” correctly to show your ability. People will experience a variety of modes including: Cup mode, Shoot Trick challenge mode and supportive training mode. Depending on the game mode, the requirements for winning and placing bets will vary. The only winning condition that people are concerned about is the number of goals scored against the competition.

Soccer Striker King – Finger soccer game

To make the competition more attractive, people will be allowed to choose the team or country to experience according to personal preference. There are more than 80 teams and countries to choose from. Being comfortable with your chosen team and your favorite country will give you a more enjoyable and exciting experience. To help people compete in excitement, the game will preserve the best of everyone in the rankings. The rankings will be updated continually to make the experience more fun.

soccer striker king 3


With a simple content, Soccer Striker King APK Mod does not have much strength regarding graphics and interface. The game is built with many simple details and not too prominent. Colors and interface are designed and arranged very normally but perfectly match the fun activities of the game.

soccer striker king 4

Last comment

If you want a new experience and want to compete with everyone, Soccer Striker King is the ideal choice. People will experience a whole new content that many sports games do not have. You will have many fun challenges and bring interesting, relaxing times. In addition, the manufacturer has prepared more than 16 different languages ​​to help players easily experience and develop the game. The next impressive feature is the support for installing on many tablet devices to help people have more choices to experience.

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