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Before the boom and development of electronic technology, arcade games were a popular choice for people to entertain on weekends with friends. Over time, arcade games gradually lose their position in the market. And they are replaced by games with diverse content on many different platforms (PC, Play Station, Console, …)

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From the fascinating content of arcade games, many manufacturers have built and designed many unique games based on classic arcade games. In it, Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack is one of many unique games developed based on the arcade game. With shooting content and fighting in space, players have the opportunity to explore many exciting and fun fighting challenges.

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Classic and familiar game

Although designed based on classic arcade games but Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack APK Mod owns a better image quality system. And will give people a beautiful visual experience. It is built with sharp details and harmonious colors. In addition, it also has a good story for you to explore and relax. In the game, territorial territories controlled by humans are being invaded and destroyed by alien forces.

Galaxy Attack: Space Shooter – Space Shooter Games

If we do not quickly prevent the invasion of aliens, they will quickly land on Earth and destroy humanity. Since then, you and many other warriors have been called upon to participate in the campaign to protect the Earth. You will be provided with various types of warships to use and fight aliens. Your mission is very difficult and complicated; you face many dangerous enemies. Also, you need to survive the enemy’s continuous attack to complete the challenge.

Simple, easy to understand and fun

To control warships and destroy the enemies, you need to keep your hands on the screen and move continuously to fight the enemy due to facing many enemies at the same time. You must move skillfully to avoid the attack of the enemy and collect many items to support each other. The support items will be hidden in many different enemies; destroying them will help you collect items to support and enhance the ability to attack your own warships.

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In addition to collecting items to assist in the battle with enemies, you are also allowed to upgrade and customize weapons for your ships. Besides, you can use the bonus to unlock and use UAV to improve your fighting ability. There are different types of UAV support, and each will use a unique weapon system. If you want to defeat many enemies and achieve good results, it is necessary to equip UAV support.

Game mode

Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack offers many exciting game modes for people to relax at different times. You can enjoy combat missions on each level (more than 120 levels have been prepared). Or you can explore crazy and exciting PVP battles. Battle-level missions will help you collect lots of bonuses to upgrade warships or unlock new types of warships. Besides, fighting on each level will bring crazy battles with BOSS.

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With PVP mode, you are arranged to compete with other players around the globe. To win the match PVP win, you need to gain more points than your opponent. To do that, your warship needs to use a powerful weapon system and have to move wisely to survive.