• Publisher:
  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 100 MB
  • Date Updated: March 29, 2019

The success of mobile game makers comes from the fact that they release many different games and get good reviews from users. With many different games, manufacturers will always get the attention of everyone. And HandyGames is one of the few most released game publishers on Googleplay. Their games always get lots of downloads in a short time.

spellforce heroes magic 2

To continue to serve people’s entertainment needs and affirm their position. Recently, HandyGames has produced a new real-time strategy game. This game is called SpellForce: Heroes & Magic, it is a game familiar to everyone on the PC platform and is now available on a mobile platform for everyone to enjoy.

New version

Similar to the PC version and called SpellForce, SpellForce: Heroes & Magic for iOS targets players who love strategic challenges and logical thinking. If you are not a person with perseverance and calculation, this game is not a good choice for you.

SpellForce: Heroes & Magic for Android/iOS – Gameplay

When participating in the exploration, you have the opportunity to enjoy two elements of strategy and role-playing. You will become the head of a tribe and have the responsibility to protect the people of the tribe. The manufacturer has prepared three separate races for you to use: Human, Dark Elf, and Orc. Each race has its own culture and strength to experience.

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A world of your own

You will begin to experience with choosing a certain race to play. After choosing the desired racial success, you start with more than 13 intense combat missions. In these missions, you must fight the game’s A.I system. To be able to fight and defeat the enemy, you need to recruit soldiers and build troops. Build barracks and start fighting enemies to capture resource mines or find mysterious treasures. In addition to combat missions, you also need to build different alliances with six neutral factions and get different benefits to develop the kingdom.

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Fight in turn

Like many strategy games on other mobile platforms, you will join Turn-base style battles. With each of your turns, you will be allowed to control characters and soldiers to the required locations. With a turn-based battle system, players have the opportunity to calculate and use more battle strategies. Build your battle strategies to confront many different enemies and defeat them. Note, your enemies also have their strategies when fighting. Therefore, you need to pay close attention to the movement of the enemy and change the battle plan quickly.

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Upgrade characters and soldiers

In addition to strategic factors, you need to own a strong army. There are more than 30 different types of soldiers for you to train and use in combat. At the end of each battle, your characters and soldiers will get experience points. With the exp system, your characters and soldiers will be promoted. The upgrade will help the army to have your better combat ability. Note, upgraded units are more valuable than newly trained soldiers. Therefore, you need to pay attention to arrange and select soldiers units before fighting.


SpellForce: Heroes & Magic is an addictive strategy game; you will be free to create strategies and fight fiercely to win. There are many new lands for you to conquer and a variety of enemies to defeat in this game.