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  • Platforms: iOS 9.0 or later
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  • Date Updated: June 13, 2019

Voodoo is a familiar and famous name worldwide. If you are a fan of easy-to-understand mobile games, you will know this manufacturer. They are one of the leading manufacturers in the trend of developing simple content games. The number of games they publish is varied, and they all receive positive feedback from users. To further confirm their leading position, they released a new game and named it Spinning Blades. This game is now available on App Store, or you can use the link at the bottom of the article to explore it.

Spinning Blades 2

Have fun with other players

Spinning Blades APK Mod will provide you with fun matches with different players. You will be randomly arranged to compete with many other players. To win every match, you need to defeat all the opponents on the map. Only one person wins, and he is the last survivor of each match. These challenges are very suitable for you to entertain with friends and family. Quickly experience and share it with the people you care about.

Spinning Blades 3

The challenge of survival

Each match that you join will have a maximum of 7 members. To survive and defeat other opponents, you need to move continuously and collect the blades that are on the map. When you start the match, you need to concentrate on moving skillfully to collect blades. Besides, you also need to avoid collisions with players who own more blades than themselves. The more blades are collected the higher your survivability.

Spinning Blades – The power of rotation

If you want to destroy the competition, you will have to attack them constantly. When you own more blades than competitors, you can confidently defeat them. Note, you should not attack opponents when they are in a defensive state. If you attack when the enemy is in a defensive state, your blades will be broken, and their number will decrease.

Spinning Blades 4

To maintain an attack and move continuously on the map, you just need to hold your hand on the screen. On the other hand, to maintain the defensive state, you just need to release your hand from the screen. Note, in the defensive state; you will not be allowed to move. Therefore, you need to carefully observe the enemy’s movement to switch the state logically. Not only do you collect the blades that are on the map, but you also need to collect support rewards. Support rewards will be hidden in treasure chests. Each treasure chest will have special rewards for you.

Spinning Blades 1


Completing matches in Spinning Blades will help you collect bonuses. And you will use them to upgrade your blades. There are three main upgrade systems for you to explore. The first is Speed ​​Boost, successful upgrade they will help you move faster. With Magnet Range, you can get blades quickly without having to approach them. The ability to Invincibility, this upgrade will help you disappear on the map in a short period. This is an important skill to help you survive difficult matches. When encountering dangerous opponents and have not collected many blades, you can use this skill to hide and collect more blades.