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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 8.0 or later
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  • Date Updated: March 30, 2019

When it comes to simple games and create lots of fun for players on mobile platforms. You can’t help but mention FredBear Games Ltd manufacturer. They are a famous company and are led by Mr. Clive Bennett. With their famous products, they have obtained millions of downloads from different games with a stable source of revenue.

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With the impressive success of some games such as Runewards: Strategy Digital Card, Knights and Glory – Tactical Battle Simulator or Tap Summoner. Recently they released a new and addictive role-playing game, it’s called Spirit Roots. Come to this new role-playing game, you can enjoy many beautiful fighting pictures and a variety of unique characters.

spirit roots 2

New world and mysteries

Spirit Roots for iOS will take you to a unique world with lots of interesting creatures. In this world, everything is combined from the remains of war. To maintain peace after the war, a rule has been set. This rule requires people not to invade each other’s territory. However, there are some characters who have violated this rule, and you must destroy those who break the rules to protect the peace for the world.

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Many levels to experience

The game is prepared with more than 50 individual levels and many short videos for you to enjoy before taking part in the challenge. You will control the main character of the game and begin the quest to explore different lands of the world. Your tasks take place in many different environments and terrains. In particular, before moving to conquer new lands, you must destroy the BOSS in the old lands. You have the opportunity to fight a lot of interesting bosses like Giant Spiders, Desert Scorpions, Farmers Robots and many other BOSS.

Spirit Roots – Action Adventure Platformer

Before having to fight BOSS, you must fight over 10 different types of enemies along the way. In addition to destroying enemies on the way, you must collect souls. Each level will require the player to collect a certain number of souls. The soul will appear randomly on the map. When moving, you need to pay close attention to avoid skipping souls.

Control character

In this role-playing game, the manufacturer has built an intuitive virtual key system and a scientific layout to help you control the character. Virtual keys are arranged on both sides of the device’s screen to help you easily control the character. On the right of the screen of the device, there will be three virtual keys with three separate effects. In it, two virtual keys are designed to help you use gas weapons (swords and guns). The remaining virtual keys will help you jump to the top to overcome traps and obstacles along the way. On the left side of the screen will be prepared two virtual keys with two arrows, help you control the character to move forward or backward.

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Spirit Roots APK Mod brings a beautiful epic graphics system that will make you feel like you are enjoying a fairy tale. With a wide variety of battle scenes in different lands, you will get many attractive images for entertainment. The lands are designed with beautiful details and colors that bring a lot of fun to the players.

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In addition to the sharp image system, Spirit Roots also possesses an attractive sound system. Besides the diverse landscapes of each land, the producer also prepares individual music pieces for each land. This makes your experience more enjoyable when you can engage in combat and enjoy a variety of easy-to-listen and catchy tracks.