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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 90 MB
  • Date Updated: February 21, 2019

Easy-to-understand challenges and competitive factors always bring a lot of fun to everyone. Fun and understandable games are always the best option to relax in a short time. Simple games are visually designed, you can easily experience and get used to it quickly. If you are interested in the games mentioned above, Splash Rabbit Arena is a game that we would recommend for you. An exciting racing game with a simple task and create many exciting experiences. This game is currently released by upjers GmbH and is available on Googleplay and App Store.

Splash Rabbit Arena 2

Unique racing challenge

Splash Rabbit Arena for iOS¬†brings the unique racing challenge today. It is not only a normal racing challenge; players are responsible for controlling racing cars and moving to many places on the game map. Each player will own a different colour, you must move continuously to colour and create different paths. The challenge of the game is easy to understand so you won’t spend much time getting used to it.

Splash Rabbit Arena 3

You will be competing against other players in exciting races; your opponents will compete fiercely, so their colours dominate the map. Therefore, you need to move smartly to avoid obstacles and submerge enemies in your colours.

The fascinating race

Players must participate in basic instructions before experimenting to familiarize themselves with the tasks of the game. After completing the tasks, you will be involved in online competition with many others. Each match has a maximum time of 2 minutes. In limited time, you and your teammates need to paint as many colours as possible to defeat the enemy. The two main colours to be used are blue and red, moving science to paint the most colours. Note, you are allowed to colour the squares that the opponent has passed.

Splash Rabbit Arena 4

When experiencing, you need to pay attention to avoid many different obstacles to be able to paint the most colours. When your vehicle moves and collides with the opponent, your vehicle will automatically redirect and move to another position. Very wide map with many different areas to colour, on the map there will be springs to help you move to different areas. You just need to touch the spring, and the car will fly up high to reach a new position. In addition to the springs, you can see the fountains. Drive through the fountains that make your colours fly into the air and turn nearby squares into your colours.

Splash Rabbit Arena for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Control and upgrade

Splash Rabbit Arena APK Mod is prepared with a simple virtual key system, the virtual keys are scientifically arranged on the screen of the device, and you will be easier to use. You get two virtual keys on the left and right of the screen to adjust the direction to move left or right. On the left side of the screen, you also have a virtual key to jump over obstacles.

Splash Rabbit Arena 1

With an attractive competitive challenge, people also have the opportunity to get many exciting rewards for upgrading racing cars. Completing each match helps you get many different gifts. Use the rewards in a reasonable way to upgrade your car. For your vehicle to move faster and create more colours, you must perform continuous upgrades. These upgrade options will be unlocked after you meet the necessary requirements.

Splash Rabbit Arena


The game offers a racing challenge and an exciting colour battle for everyone to relax. Splash Rabbit Arena also helps create more fun when players have the opportunity to compete happily with many people around the world.