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  • Platforms: Android 5.0 or later iOS 8.2 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 55 MB
  • Date Updated: November 14, 2018

You want to experience games with impressive content and fun but do not have much time to relax. Phoenix Mobile producer has released a game that is well-suited to everyone, Sports Car Merger. This is a fascinating entertainment game combined by many factors; you will become the boss, designer and professional racer in the game. Become the boss of your parking lot and racetrack, upgrade your cars and race cars professionally.

sports car merger 4

Impressive manager

In Sports Car Merger APK Mod you will own a parking lot and a race track, your task is to buy new cars, manage cars to race them and bring you more bonuses. The more autos you have, the more bonuses you will earn, winning races and getting valuable rewards.

sports car merger 1

Attractive game

To experience this exciting game, simply touch the screen of the device to join the game. Control the car on the track and upgrade your car simply. The game will be prepared with many levels for you to play the game, you will unlock the level when completed the requirements of the game. At higher levels, you will unlock many impressive vehicles, dozens of attractive cars waiting for you to unlock. Controlling these cars on the track at the same time will help you get more bonuses in the short term. Earn bonuses in the game to purchase new and upgraded cars, use reasonable bonuses to complete the level quickly. In addition to unlocking new cars in the game, you can also open many attractive and beautiful locations.

sports car merger 2

Today’s games usually come with ads, but you should not be disappointed with them in this game. Since they are very beneficial to you while playing the game, watching in-game ads helps you reduce your vehicle’s cost by 10%. In particular, as you move your car faster, the more money you make. The more ads you will receive Speed ​​x2 in the game. Using the disadvantages to benefit yourself is the most progressive thinking when you play this game. Note, if you do not want to see ads and play games simply, your device needs to be disconnected from the internet.

Sports Car Merger for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Simple but interesting graphics

Sports Car Merger for iOS has very simple graphics but still meets the minimum requirements of the game such as beautiful and sharp images, smooth movements and smooth. Comfortable space and a simple interface are the hallmarks of the game and help you to experience the game more lightly. The manufacturer has designed many beautiful and attractive in the game such as trees, roads, sea to help you experience comfortable and not boring.

sports car merger 3

Feelings of yourself

Sports Car Merger is a fun game to play in case you do not have a lot of time to entertain. The fast pace and simple gameplay of the game will provide you with a fun experience. Easy gaming experience everywhere is a gadget for the game. Enjoy this fun game with the share link at the bottom of the article.