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  • Date Updated: September 23, 2019

Star Wars and Star Trek are famous works for people who love fantasy stories in outer space. These two works have been adapted into many different movies and brought many fascinating adventures for everyone. Along with the famous stories of Star Wars and Star Trek, many games have been developed and are related to the content of the two works. So do you want to explore a vast universe with many planets and races? If you have a need, please come to Star Wars: KOTOR. Currently, this game is available on Googleplay, or you can use the sharing link at the end of the article to explore the game.

Star Wars KOTOR 2


Discover Star Wars: KOTOR for iOS, players will be back 4,000 years before the domination period and Skywalker family-related events. At this point, the Jedi Council is facing an intractable internal problem and involves fierce wars between several different races within the alliance.

Star Wars™: KOTOR for Android/iOS – Gameplay

The two Jedi, Revan and Malak, disobeyed the Jedi Council’s decisions (did not wage war or engage in war with the Mandalorian race). Taking part in this bloody battle, Revan and Malak defeated many Mandalorian armies with brutality and fierce. However, the end of the battle means that Revan and Malak are moving towards Dark Side and cannot return.

Star Wars KOTOR 3

After becoming powerful Sith lords, Revan and Malak developed a plan to conquer the galaxy by manipulating the Jedi Council to entice them on the path to Dark Side. From there, they can pressure or control many different countries in Galactic Republic. However, Malak betrayed Revan to control Sith army with his ambition. And let Revan become enemies with the Jedi Council.

Unique gameplay

In Star Wars: KOTOR, players will be able to participate in intense battles on various planets of Galactic Republic. Each battle brings its own story and quests to complete. Not only are you defeating the required enemies, but you are also tasked with destroying Sith lords to protect everyone’s freedom. When participating in combat, you will discover many character systems and different weapons. You can use a variety of powerful laser guns and beautiful light swords to defeat your enemies.

Star Wars KOTOR 4

Also, the combat missions will be carefully constructed to make it easy for everyone to experience and can quickly grasp the game’s plot system. The early stages of the game will bring understandable tasks and requirements. Besides, you also get some help from many different characters in your adventure journeys. However, the following stages will bring many dangerous enemies and complex missions to conquer. With complex missions and having to fight many dangerous enemies, players need to control their characters well and be equipped with many powerful items to perform the mission.