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  • Platforms: Android 5.0 or later iOS 11.0 or later
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  • Date Updated: July 26, 2019

If baseball is the most popular sport in Japan and the United States, Cricket is the favorite and popular sport in the United Kingdom. This sport has relatively simple content and to help people discover it quickly. Stick Sports Ltd manufacturer has designed and released a game with the same content. With Stick Cricket Live, you have the opportunity to become a professional Cricket athlete and allowed to play in many famous tournaments.

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Attractive sport

Instead of bringing in team competition challenges, Stick Cricket Live for iOS will bring you attractive and stressful match 1 vs 1. You will directly control the characters and compete in different matches. You have the opportunity to recruit and use many different athletes in each match. The goal of the game is to score many good scores to defeat the opponent. Therefore, you need to manage your characters in a scientific way and regularly train them to be ready for the matches ahead.

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Build and use characters wisely

To create a good score, your characters need to be trained and equipped with good support tools. You will start challenges with a number of basic athletes after experiencing many matches and accumulating experience points. You can train and upgrade competitive skills for your athletes. However, the key to winning is your wise controls. In a match, you have to control your character well to make precise shots or pitches.

Stick Cricket Live for Android/iOS – Gameplay

The system of characters of the game is built diverse, and each character will have its own strengths. You can recruit and use many different athletes in a match. Note, each match will take place with three different rounds, and you can win if you score more points than your opponent in 2 rounds. Each round will allow the use of a different athlete and support equipment. Therefore, you need to select athletes and support equipment appropriately.

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Smart management to develop

In addition to attractive matches, you also have the duty of a club manager. You need to perform many different management tasks to help the club grow. With the responsibility of a manager, you must constantly upgrade the athletes you own. The upgrade will help them develop their personal skills and help you get many good advantages in different matches.

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In particular, Stick Cricket Live allows each club to own a separate stadium. Therefore, you also have the responsibility to repair and upgrade the stadium so that fans and athletes get the best feeling in the match. There are many interesting options for you to upgrade and change the appearance of your stadium. However, upgrading and remodeling will require lots of bonuses. So you need a smart upgrade plan to optimize your finances.