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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 232 MB
  • Date Updated: December 7, 2018

Stickman is a popular character in many different games, and this character was launched during the development of the internet. Stickman games often have very diverse and interesting content. These games are usually offline, but NetEase Games producer has released a new Stickman online game. This game is called Stick Fight: The Game, an online game where you and everyone will become unique characters.

stick fight the game 2

Fighting game Stickman style

In Stick Fight: The Game for iOS you will experience the exciting battle around stick man, this is a very attractive online game on mobile. You will experience this fun game with your friends and everyone around you in your spare time to relax. The funny battles and flashbacks to the classic and attractive animations of stick man, you will experience all the fun while playing this game.

stick fight the game 3

Destroy all opponents

This is an online game so you can participate in exciting battles with many different players, you will be arranged randomly to experience this game with everyone. Or you can invite friends and acquaintances to join this game with you and invite up to 3 people to help you experience 4-stickman free-for-alls! in game. You will control stick man to fight, run and jump on the unique maps of the game. You will fight with your teammates to overcome the unexpected and exciting challenges in the game. Also, people can customize stick man with a variety of colors in the game’s store, choosing your favorite color for a more enjoyable experience.

Stick Fight: The Game for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Stick Fight: The Game APK Mod is uniquely built with over 100 different maps and a variety of impressive weapons. You will fight with many players in the world and must collect the unique weapons in the game, experience the first 12 matches to get you familiar with the game. Then you will be unlocking a variety of weapons and experience over 100 battle maps of the game. In particular, players are allowed to design and build a battle map with your benefits; this is a unique feature that many other games have not.

stick fight the game 4

Familiar graphics

The game has beautiful 2D graphics with classic design and unique to give people a lot of fun experiences when playing games. The theme of the game is varied and striking with many beautiful colors and streamlined. The variety of maps designed in the game will bring many interesting challenges for everyone. The visual effects of the game are beautifully built with explosives and impressive collapses. Overall, this game has excellent image quality and will make people love this game.

stick fight the game 1


Stick Fight: The Game will bring you a lot of fun with the classic stick man design, if you’ve enjoyed the past stickman movies then you should experience this game. A fun game to help you be entertained and relaxed with many people, the game will never make you feel bored. All actions in the game bring the most fun moments.