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  • Platforms: Android 4.4 or later iOS 7.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 77 MB
  • Date Updated: August 14, 2019

Stick War: Legacy is a unique Stick Man style strategy game released by Max Games. It is one of the most popular Stick Man games on the market for a long time. It has attracted many players around the globe with very interesting and unique battles. The game is available on Google Play and App Store, let’s learn about this fascinating game and how to download the simplest game.

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The war for resources

The world of Stick War: Legacy Mod Money is called Inamorta. The world has many different countries, each with its unique style of fighting. These countries are constantly developing new technologies for war and power struggles. Lesser nations have been invaded and become victims of racism. Thus, the worldwide war Inamorta began to take place and became increasingly fierce.

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When you join the game, you will become a supreme leader. You command your people and your troops against the invading nations and rob the resources from them. Initially, as well as other popular strategy games. You will be in Beginner’s Guide mode; you will be given instructions on how to create soldiers and control them in battle. Then you will be engaged in more dangerous battles with more powerful forces in this game.

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The game allows players to create gold miners and their warriors. You can use the money that the game initially gives to buy new miners and warriors. Once you have earned more gold from mining, you can buy more warriors or miners. The enemies will not let you easily develop your power; you will have to defeat them to protect your precious statue. The battle will end when one of the two statues is destroyed, the team successfully demolishing the statue, the team will win.

Stick War: Legacy for Android/iOS – Gameplay

After the battle, the player will receive gems and experience points. You can use experience points and gems to upgrade skills and equip your troops. You will have a mighty army to overcome the next difficult levels in the game.

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Stick War: Legacy Mod Gems gives players a stylish 2D Stick Man style graphics. The characters and surroundings in the game are very detailed and sharp. The effect of the soldiers and the effect of blood is also displayed very clearly. You will witness the bloodiest and most bloody battles in this game. The sounds of the different weapons are depicted as very real and alive.

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I like Stick War: Legacy!

Stick War: Legacy is one of the Stick Man games that I like most. Simply because it gives me the most fierce battles and requires high tactics. I’ve been addicted to this game for quite a long time, and it’s fascinating. If you are interested in this game, then you can use the link below the article to download the game most simply.